I think I had my 1st Dry-O!!!

I’m pretty sure I had my first Dry O today! OK, all you newbies and veterans alike, here it is. After about an hour of relaxing, I got on the exercise ball. I had noticed good feelings before with this technique (As it turns out, lying on the body ball is a great way to use the computer without having to sit down. Search ‘Body Ball’ in the forum and there are extensive threads and even a Wiki entry!).

I noticed that positive prostate feeling that signifies either a hands free wet one (achieved on fourth session and never again – made it by rocking on the couch.) or a Dry One coming. This time, 4 and half months later, I had an intense orgasm. I was smart enough not to stop and look. Afterwards, when I looked, there was a little puddle, but I didn’t feel done. I had some things to do and an hour later I still was feeling little twitches. Applying a quick manual penis rub revealed that I was definitely ready to orgasm again the traditional way!

The problem I have with doing something the first time is I really don’t know what I did! I was working an exercise ball and there was all sorts of indirect penile stimulation. There was a definitely expulsion of some type/amount of fluid, just not much. It was equal in feeling/intensity in every way to a traditional orgasm, probably a little longer and very intense. But I am 100% ready to go again! This had no p-waves and seemed to be a direct result of working the body ball versus doing contractions (though I have no doubt I was doing them!) It had a definite build up and release. It did not start right over again, but rather it just subsided and came back rather quickly. I did not have time to keep going.

So folks, it was either 1) a dry-o or 2) a hands free little wet one or 3) a traditional little wet one with no refractory period! Since it’s my first one, I’m going to mark it on the calendar as my first Dry-O.

For you newbies, it’s interesting – This process is not cut and dried like you can point to it in the milestones and say “Ah Hah, I just had milestone 55 out of 80”. Instead of following a set routine, I decided to do something I thought might feel good and it led to a huge reward. Maybe this time I can duplicate the success faster than 4 ½ months between orgasms!



  1. Congratulations J4!!!!! 🙂

    I'm very happy to hear of your achievement!

    If the liquid that came out of your penis is all completely clear and slippery like lube. Then it is most likely pre-cum from your cowpers gland. Some men produce more of it than others in a Aneros session. Do a search for "cowpers" or "precum" in the forum.

    It's a nice feeling to finally get some halfway decent results isn't it?

    I'm betting if you can use a position that does not provide any indirect stimulation to your penis, then you won't have to worry about ejaculating.

    Now you know a portion of the pleasure that you can experience with your Helix. That's even more incentive to keep practicing! Good going man!
    Keep at it! 😀

    Love is Peace

  2. Thanks for the info. What is a P-wave? Is a wet orgasm no hands still just a traditional orgasm and therefore not the hoped for Aneros orgasm?

    What is a Helix, I have a MXG. Does it make any difference?

    Newbee – plforino

  3. Hello plforino,

    Have a look in the Glossary section of the Aneros WIKI under "Pleasure wave".

    The Helix is a different Aneros prostrate massager model.

    Sometimes a different model can make a difference. But the MGX is a good starter. Have a look at the following link under "Choosing a Model"

    If you have any further questions, or comments that are unrelated to a persons Blog post, you will find that posting them in the Forum will get you more responses.

    Love is Peace

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