What a day!

Well let me start from the beginning.

Today started just like any other day. But as the day grew on I started to notice these strange sensations. These were completely new to me and sparked my curiosity. "Could this be that awakening that I've read so much about" I thought to myself.

It seemed like all day these sensations wouldn't subside.

Well by the time I got home the urge was so strong I flew in the door, took a shower and prepped for a session.

So I'm about 20-30 minutes into the session when I started getting involuntary contractions. They started just like any other tiny involuntary I've gotten. They were just the smallest of twitches, and only numbered in the 2-4 twitches per wave.

But then all of the sudden something happened. The involuntary contractions became 100 times stronger and came in 30 second to 1 minute waves with less that 10 seconds between waves.

Instantly my breathing and heart rate jumped through the roof as wave after wave of involuntaries came. To the best of my knowledge this lasted anywhere from 15-30 minutes.

But just as soon as they came, they were gone and are now just a pleasant memory.

I didn't feel anything that I would classify as an "O" of any kind. But just the involuntary contractions were quite an experience.

Now I wonder if my surroundings had anything to do with it? Normally my sessions are done with some dim light and soft music. Well this time I decided to be in complete dark and silence. Sort of a sensory deprivation. Not to mention I went 5 days without a session or any sexual contact.

Well I think I have just had a major breakthrough, but now I must rest because my backside is a bit sore.

Looking forward to any comments and suggestions.


  1. Duuuuuuuudde!!!!

    You just made a breakthrough! Congratulations! 😀
    I absolutely love those really intense involuntary anal contractions. Something to be treasured and enjoyed.

    As long as you are feeling comfortable, safe/secure, and relaxed, I don't think the difference in your surroundings will make much difference. Perhaps your arousal died down. During a session, I often restart periods of pleasure after a lull by increasing my arousal through reading erotica/porn. Or you can just close your eyes and think of the most arousing sexual fantasy ever. That often works for me to.

    If anything, the 5 days of abstinence probably helped get you really aroused. Hence your prostrate twitching and begging for an Aneros session. Welcome aboard! I do believe your prostrate is starting to awaken and the re-wiring process progresses.

    Love is Peace

  2. It only gets better. Sometimes it takes my breath away and sometimes it takes my whole body away. Enjoy your journey!

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