Mistress Aneros MGX is my new love! :D

Hey People,

I just had a fantastic session! I started with the MGX and got some incredible sensations from it. So I thought I'd switch to the Helix, which is the model I normally prefer. But it wasn't doing anything for me. The MGX is the model I like the most now. It seems that the ribbed stem provides exquisite anal stimulation. And because it is slimmer, and not so aggressively curved, it is much more agile, and moves in and out me very easily when the involuntary anal contractions really get going. I believe the term for what it is doing is auto-fucking.

It seems I have started to figure out what brings on mini and dry-O's without it turning into a super-T. Here's what I figured out. Until my prostrate is sufficiently aroused and swollen. My penis is ultra sensitive, and prone to erections. So I have to avoid stimulating it. I tried laying on my back again. But the position is not the most ideal for me because the sensations are not as intense, it requires much more muscles strength to flex my PC and anal muscles, and involuntary anal contractions don't seem to occur as easily or as intensely as on my side. So I switched back to laying on my side, and made sure not to allow my lower torso to twist crotch side down, so to eliminate the majority of problems of inadvertently stimulating my penis.

Then I started flexing my PC muscles for 15 or 20 seconds at a time. I could actually feel my prostrate move in circular motion towards my MGX and up over the top. And then release. It is a both powerful and incredibly pleasurable sensation. I kept repeating this, and after a little while my prostrate would get swollen and very sensitive.

At this point I could apply a gentle and constant PC muscle flex, and/or add in some fairly hard conscious anal contractions. And it would send me over the top into many mini-O's spaced apart from each other. And then eventually a dry-O that was really nice feeling. Towards the end of the session as my prostrate was really swollen I found myself able to just use some medium to hard conscious anal contractions to supplement the involuntary anal contractions that were auto-fucking me to make have mini-O's.

The session ended as both my anus and prostrate were feeling rather sore. It seems I am building up both of their muscular strength and tolerance for massage. While also discovering wonderful sensations.

The first mini-O I had was really neat feeling. It was this building up of pleasurable sensations and energy. And when I relaxed my PC muscles, both the pleasure and the energy felt like it was blossoming like a flower out of my crotch area and spreading outwards in a 6 or 8 inch area in all directions. That was the only mini-O I had that felt that particular way.

The dry-O I had was really neat feeling also. It was much more traditional ejaculation orgasm in feeling. Pretty intense. And I had to completely stop moving, as I knew that if I had even moved an inch, the bed would stimulate my penis just enough to trigger an ejaculation. But the neat thing about this orgasm, is that after it peaked, there was several waves of pleasurable sensation for a short time afterwards. Which was a very nice feeling.

I feel like I am back on track to eventually figuring out how to have super-O's without unintentionally triggering a hands free super-T.
Yay!!!! 😀 😀 😀


  1. This is great Love_is!

    When I got to a very similar stage, I found I could deliberately return there with my MGX more and more easily. Further, I wanted to remember the sensations and the whole suite of movements that created them, and "intending" without "forcing" enabled that to happen as part of my rewiring. I soon found that I could trigger those sensations at will, without the MGX or anything inside. That was the beginning of independent orgasmic energies and more frequent spontaneous Day-After Effects! A first small step for a man beyond prostate orgasmic energy "training wheels"!

    The mobility and movements that you describe are very similar to what I described in my posts then as "polishing the knob"; that is, thinking of the process with you and your body as the actor and the MGX as the thing being acted upon. That psychology and perspective assist the muscle-memory formation and rewiring, giving your body/mind the power to reproduce the desired sensations.

    Just sitting here typing to you, I simply recall polishing the knob and the muscles dance and the sensations trigger, flow, amplify, and spread!!! Ahh!!!…….

    Congratulations to you. You are taking a big next step with this.

    all the best


  2. PS

    I used only my first MGX throughout the first nine months of Aneros use/training. I found that once that mobility becomes central to your practice, if it does as it did in mine, the Eupho really is the most wonderful next model that has taken me ever farther!


  3. Hi Love_is,
    You are doing great!!. you are getting better and better, I can tell from all your post over time.
    You are correct, you are back on track, and if your side works best for you for feelings, go for it!!.
    From your post I can also tell you are discovering there are different ways to get whose wonderful feelings. Use them in combo (mini-o, dry-o), and you have the super-O. 😀


  4. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the comments and friendly support. 😀


    You bring up some very good points about remembering the sensations and intending them to happen again. I've already found that sitting here in my computer chair with nothing in me, I can flex my PC and anal muscles and get some very pleasurable sensations. So I certainly can see the potential to be able to experience orgasmic energies without using an Aneros toy at some point. I think also that the memory of what the pleasure feels like helps in reproducing it again in future session. Sort of a proof to reinforce the belief that this can be done.

    I'll keep the Eupho in mind. Do you think it is more mobile and agile than the Helix?

    Love is Peace

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