Wow! Back to loving the Helix!

Hey People,

I had another session tonight. I decided I would try the Helix only tonight, as lately I've been into trying to relax, focus on breathing, and just breathing in general through whatever happens. Sort of the do nothing/meditative style of session. At least initially. That seems to be just the beginning part, and then from there it gets really hot and heavy! LOL

But I'm definitely liking the Helix all over again. I feel like I can get a better prostrate massage with less effort than the MGX. Although I do miss the ribbed stem on the MGX for the wonderful anal stimulation it provides.

Within a few minutes of insertion I started to have involuntary contractions. Being so used to the slimmer MGX lately. The Helix made me feel really full and snug back there. I had a whole bunch of really nice feeling mini-O's! Yay! I think I'm starting to understand what other users here have said about feeling like they are circling the drain towards super-O's. But haven't quite made it down the center yet.

I've been trying this new technique of what I originally thought was just flexing the PC muscles in a different manner. As the result is that it feels like my prostrate is slightly pushed closer to the Aneros, but lower down closer towards the anus, rather than up towards the tip of the Aneros. This particular technique is much more stimulating and pleasurable than just flexing the PC muscles in the typical way that I have been doing before. But here's what I've figured out about this technique. It turns out what I'm actually doing is flexing and holding both the PC and anus muscles equally at the same time in relatively slight amounts. I guess it must be sort of like getting the best of both worlds. Prostrate stimulation, plus anal contractions that fire up the mini-O's to start happening. It's pretty neat! I hope this leads to more intense dry orgasms.

Another thing I've been noticing lately. Is that until my prostrate and anus become really sensitive, and the focus is just on them during the session. My penis is just getting in the way, by being highly sensitive, prone to erections, and distracting the focus away from the more important anal and prostrate sensations. But once the focus and pleasure is really happening, the sensations in my penis thankfully die down and erections don't happen anymore. Except for slight partial erections sometimes. But at least the high sensitivity is no longer there. Pretty interesting discovery. But quite frustrating until you can get past it.
That's all.

Love is Peace