News, and Thoughts


I just ordered a black Progasm! hee, hee
I can't wait to try it. I should have it by tomorrow.
I ordered it in the black color because I find that my white MGX and Helix have gotten stains on them that will not completely remove with normal washing. To me it's the same logic that goes with wearing white underwear. Why bother when you can just use a more appropriate color.



I've been noticing some of the changes in me since I've started getting pleasurable results from my Aneros sessions back in October. What strikes me as the most interesting, is that I no longer have this need or desire to masturbate frequently like I used to. And looking at porn on the Internet does not interest me as much as it used to. And I'm ok with all of this. A very different change in me. It's like I've been lifted above the "baseness" of those habits and/or desires.

Even with the imagined fantasies I use during Aneros sessions. I tend to prefer thinking up more stuff that displays affection and closeness with a loved one, rather than more nasty raw images/ideas.

I also find that a really good session noticeably makes me feel better depression wise. I've been taking a vegan DHA supplement for the last few weeks to try and help with depression and increase my arousal, and have not noticed any changes in me for the better. Yet last night, I had a really pleasurable Aneros session. And I find that it has a noticeable effect on my feelings of well being. Which ok by me. The Aneros I can use over and over after paying for it once. Where as I have to keep paying for supplements. Works for me! 😀