First time with Progasm

So my black Progasm arrived today.
I gave it a try earlier tonight. It's definitely bigger, and was slightly more challenging to insert. Only because I'm not familiar yet with how to tilt it on insertion like I do with my MGX and Helix. The thicker stem certainly makes for a fuller feeling in the anus. And seems to require less effort with conscious anal contractions. It feels nice. And I got a lot of mini-O's from it.

Then I thought I would remove it and try my Helix. I chuckled after inserting it as it felt like I had inserted a toothpick compared to the Progasm. It seemed that once I was stretched open by the Progasm it was difficult for pleasurable feelings to occur with the Helix. So I reinserted the Progasm and had some more mini-O's.

Then I thought the session was over and started removing the Progasm. And found that the sensation of pulling it out was quite pleasurable. So I slowly and gently moved it in and out of my ass for a while using my hand. Then when I was done doing that I sunk it back in and almost immediately my body went into some sort of orgasm overdrive! Almost like manually fucking my ass with the Progasm had increased my arousal level. My prostrate was so sensitive. I think I may have had a super-O, but am not entirely sure. It was stronger than anything else I have had to date yet. Unfortunately shortly after it happened, while I was still convulsing in pleasure my torso had shifted so I was humping the bed, and that little bit of friction on my flaccid penis made me have a super-T. But I didn't care. LOL
A very interesting and pleasurable session.

Some observations about the Progasm. I really, really like both the P-tab and the K-tab. Particularly the K-tab. The area where the K-tab touches is really sensitive, so it adds to the sensations. Interestingly enough, the K-tab presses harder against me than the P-tab does. But the feeling of both tabs pressing against me at the same time is a really sensual feeling and adds a lot to the experience. The new ball design on the tabs is a winner! Good placement and more comfortable.

I've decided that I will give my black Progasm an acronym: BBA (Big Black Aneros). LOL
Kind of a play on BBC (Big Black Cock).

So far I like what I have experienced and will continue to practice with the Progasm.


  1. Love_is,

    I'm considering the Progasm for myself, but I've got a couple of questions, if you don't mind. How is the Shea Butter working for this thing? After a couple of sessions how is the wear on tear on you? Can you walk around the house with this thing in? Or is it pretty much stick it in and confined to bed?

    It sounds like too much fun not to explore though.

    Good luck with your new toy!


  2. Hi J4, 🙂

    Thanks man!
    And not a problem at all. The shea butter works great with the Progasm. I haven't had any lube issues at all with it. The first session with it afterwards, the inner most ring of my anal muscles was a bit sore for a day or two. I'm not sure if this was from adjusting to the size, or improper insertion. It inserts differently from my MGX and Helix. And I didn't get it quite right the first time, so I may have inadvertently stretched my anus more than I should have.

    I've only used it three times so far. And have had no problems afterwards with the last two sessions. I personally wouldn't walk anymore with the Progasm inserted than I have to. One of my rituals is to wash my hands right after lubing and insertion. And because I'm not completely relaxed at that point, it's somewhat uncomfortable and I walk in kind of a hunched position so as to not apply to much pressure on my prostrate. Once I'm relaxed enough it is more comfortable to walk around and can do so normally, but I wouldn't make it an intentional part of my session. My preference so far is to use the Progasm in bed only. Keep the walking around for the smaller models.

    It's been fun exploring with this new model. There are definitely some things it can do with it's sheer size that the smaller models can't. And vice versa also. My last session I just couldn't get my prostrate going like I wanted with the Progasm inserted. So I put the Helix in instead, and found it was able to move and direct a more exacting massage(finger like) on my prostrate which got me going good.

    Hope this helps.
    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Love is Peace

  3. Love_is,

    Thanks for the candid responses. That's what I love about this forum. These are conversations I could never have with another man in person and be able to look him in the eyes! But, we all have questions.

    Yes, I admit, I am nervous about the size. However, I really want to experience the ball tab and k-tab. At least I will still have the Peridise set if I want to walk around the house. We shall see if I have the balls to order this thing.


  4. Hi J4,

    I know exactly what you mean. Faceless on the Internet, it is easy to talk about this stuff with another guy. But I'm not sure you would ever catch me doing it in person. LOL

    Don't worry about the size. If you have been able to comfortably insert your other models with no problems, then it won't be much issue. You just have to be more observant of correctly inserting this one. It's been talked about before in the forums that the insertion method for the Progasm is like a scooping motion. Which I would agree with.

    Meaning the base is tilted more towards your scrotum on initial insertion so the head goes in into your anus somewhat straight. And then as it enters, you tilt the base more towards your buttocks and it's final resting position. I even will gently rock the base back and forth a little as it gets deeper to make sure everything gets past that last anal ring muscle correctly. Rather than stretching my anus length wise like I did initially the first time I tried it until everything slipped past. Ouch!

    The combo of the ball P and K-tab is exquisite! There is something about the feeling of those two pressure points on each side of my anus that feels really good and very unlike the other models. Don't be afraid to try the Progasm just because of it's size.

    Love is Peace

  5. Oops!

    I forgot to say, Your welcome J4. 😀
    I enjoy helping when I am able to.

    Love is Peace

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