So my current approach during sessions is to relax and do mostly nothing. Sort of meditative and focus on deep breathing. But I do a twist on it. I get bored quickly doing nothing. So what I do is concentrate on relaxing all of the muscles in my anus. This gives my mind something to do. And really helps to bring on the pleasure with little to no exertion.

This method really makes it clear to me how consciously taking control of the action generally reduces pleasure. Plus I like the idea and practice of not working, or exerting so hard to feel pleasure. It feels nice to just relax and allow the pleasure to come to you.

I haven't reproduced the super-O yet. But hope this approach will bring me closer.

Love is Peace


  1. I think part of this experience brings you closer to yourself. Even at the height of a super-o, if I try to control it I lose it. I have found that total relaxation with just the slightest constant pressure works for me. Other than that I do nothing. My favorite position is on my back with my legs bent but last night I rested my left leg up on a chair seat while I lay on the floor on my side. I relaxed and it produced instant results. I love my Progasm. It's the one that knocked my off the fence!!

  2. Thanks for the comment LivingLarge. 🙂

    I'm gonna try using the slightest constant pressure technique now that you mention it. Can you tell me if the constant pressure is the anal muscles, PC, or both?

    I love my Progasm also. It is the one that gave me what I believe to be my first super-O. Although some times I feel it is a bit to large and does not have the mobility of the smaller models. But I absolutely love the feeling that the P and K tab give me together! It's so pleasureful and exquisite feeling. I miss the feeling they give me when I use my Helix and MGX.

    I haven't experimented much with new positions lately. I feel like laying on my side is what feels best for me. Whenever I lay on back I seem to lose a significant amount of contact against my prostrate. Perhaps as I progress that will change.
    Thanks again!

    Love is Peace

  3. It's funny, but as I look back at what lead up to my first super-o I see that the last month before things began to change. One of my favorite methods for moving me forward towards super-o's is to use both hands to spread my butt cheeks while laying on my back. I do this with the Helix inserted. While pulling my cheeks apart I use my anal muscles to firmly hold the aneros in. Spreading my butt cheeks makes the aneros feel like it's being pulled out. My anal muscles force the aneros into my prostate. I hold this for as long as I can. It feels real good also. When I release I just relax but my prostate just starts to spasm. Quite often this will send me into a super-o. Give it a try

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