Teasing It Out

Just a note that things are proceeding smoothly here in the same direction as the last post – using the MGX along with edging to produce mind-bendingly good mini-os.

As I go along, I'm finding there are a few things that make sessions go better. Going 3-4 days without ejaculating produces the best results. Mostly I can get one really good session of about 2 hours once a week. I'm also learning how to have great sessions at night without waking the partner in the next room. 🙂 I've also been taking a daily fish oil tablet and the occasional dark chocolate, but I honestly can't tell if they help.

In a great session this week I also figured out, much to my surprise, how to "tease out" a penile orgasm so it will last a lot longer. This begins with using anal contractions to get gradually hotter and hotter p-waves. Following that I stroke the penis and get it going. Over the course of the session, I alternate between penis and prostate stimulation until it sends me into a spiral of wonderful feelings all over the midsection. In this most recent session, as soon as I was ready to cum, I made it so I only expelled a single small squirt of semen. Then I focused on the MGX and brought on some wonderful dry-os. To my own bafflement, I found that I could "ride" this orgasm for about ten un-fucking-believable minutes. I don't know if it was a super-o but it sure felt good. At one point, I could even do a mild hands-free cum. It basically went small ejaculation, long mini-os, small ejaculation, long mini-os, then winding up with a medium sized penile ejaculation. Brilliant.


  1. Hello,
    I really understand your descriptions about your edging. I love edging a lot too. The final penile ejaculation for me is the ultimate pleasure I am seeking. It's all so effing awesome….Nood

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