Time passes by

Time passes quicker than the blink of an eye.
An up date is called for.

The wife got curious last month about my 2 friends.
I said that she did not have a prostate so it would do no good.
Anyway she wanted to try it.
I let her try the Helix. I got the MGX.
We had intercourse and she said it made her feel as if she wanted to go to the toilet but not an unplesant feeling.
A funny thing happened when I orgasamed.
The feeling was more intense but the MGX shot out of me and landed down the bed. Nothing followed it thankfully.
A reverse ejaculation lol.

We tried again a few days later swopping models.
The Helix stayed put during orgasm. Also more intense than without it.
The wife had much the same feelings about going to the toilet.

We had a third session.
It started with her inserting the MGX.
She was on top in her faviourite cowgirl position.
After a while I felt on the point of orgasm and attempted to stop her.
Too late, I gave a little spasam.
Oh no ! Thats it I thought.
As quick as I could I disengaged and inserted my Helix.
An Electric jolt from Prostate to penis tip.
Agood firm erection and I was off again.
We were both happy with the result a bit later.

Not much more to report.
I have been a bit busy during the afternoons lately
so not much time to lie back with Aneros and Alana.
I still manage an hour or so on a night sitting outside in my chair
and rocking my hips.
No further UFO,S just plesant sensations.
Dissapointed ? No!
Just glad to be here and make a small contribution to this marvelous forum now and again.

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  1. Hi Voyager, 🙂

    Neat experiences with your wife!
    Thanks for sharing.

    I laughed at the reverse ejaculation! LOL
    That's happened to me once with the MGX also. Although it didn't go far and nothing else came out fortunately.

    A question though, as my girlfriend wants to try one of my Aneros…
    When the MGX or Helix is inserted in your wifes anus, doesn't the P-Tab get in the way during intercourse? Since I have removed the handle on both my MGX and Helix, I have been trying to decide if it would be more appropriate to insert either one of them backwards to keep the P-Tab out of the way. I guess I will just have to try and see what happens.

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