Week 3: Starting to feel like it isn't working out for me

Another week has passed with little or no progress for me. I used to practice for an hour every day, but over this recent week I've been skipping a few days. I think I am losing motivation to keep this up. I used to be very interested in having the daily sessions, but now I'm starting to feel more motivated to do other more useful things with my time than use the helix.

I wish I could come here and say, "Wow! The Aneros is great! My pleasure is so much better and it's changed my life!" like some people have, but I simply can't at this point. Over the week I've tried a variety of different suggestions from the forum, blogs, etc. Different positions, different breathing tricks, different forms of stimulating myself, different forms of mental stimulation. I've also tried the 'do nothing' approach, but in doing nothing, I also feel nothing. I just can't seem to find my way though all of this regardless of what I try.

Maybe I just need more time. My body may be more resistant to alternative stimulations than I hoped. I'd like to think this is exactly the case, but how can I tell when I need time when I can't tell if I'm doing it right in the first place? It's hard to know if I'm on the right tracked when I am blind to my progress.

I'm going to remain patient and keep trying. My motivation may be lower, I may have less of a desire to have these sessions, but I still have to give it a shot.


  1. man i wish i could give you a magic solution.

    it took me a *long* time…

    i simply cannot figure out why this varies so widely across individuals.

    good luck, and, yeah, slowing down is probably a good thing. make room for other things in your life. that way at least you won't be mad and frustrated.


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