My first time with the progasm

I searched high and low for some specific information (see “virgin anus vs. progasm: the duel”) on this but was unable to find exactly what I was looking for so here it is: My first encounter with the Progasm.

As an almost 6 month user and the owner of a Peridise beginners set and a Helix I was looking for a new toy. Being a rectal novice prior to my Aneros experience I was a little intimidated by the size of the Progasm – but I needed to expand my horizons so I took the chance. However, I was really looking for a detailed description of a first time successful Progasm insertion.

Mentally, I had to overcome my fear of tearing the soft tissues. After six months, am I qualified as an “Advanced User”? Or will it victimize me?

Don’t worry, everything’s OK. Here’s what I did – maybe it can help someone else down the road.

I had everything I needed and a three hour window so I began the session with the Helix. The Helix is easy stuff for me, lube the hole with Shea Butter, insert two small balls of Shea Butter and it slides right in. Great, 45 minutes of relaxed breathing.

Then it’s time. I get out the Progasm. It’s simple, right? Relax, relub and slowly scoop it in, right? I take out the Helix and put another ball of Shea Butter in. Next I squirted in 5ml. of Sliquid Silk Hybrid Formula. Then I slather the Prograsm in Shea Butter. For good measure I squirt more Sliquid on the Prograsm. Things are VERY lubricated. But now I’m standing there, all lubed up and kind of holding the Progasm sideways – I couldn’t even look the thing in the eye. I started to sweat! I stand with one leg on the bathtub and one foot on the floor and I reach around and nudge the big girl towards her new home. This isn’t working – to awkward. I go into the shower stall and bend all the way forward try that angle. No way. Hmm. I go to the bed and kind of lying on my back I reach around. Nope. Reach forward. Nope.

Ok, so the winning inserting position is lying on my bed, left side, left leg straight, right leg bent with the right hand reach around. This is the position I can relax in and breath and figure out how to “scoop”. Yep, angle the big head in (tip first, P-Tab closer to your balls relax, breath, nudge. Gotta stop clenching up. Relax, breath nudge. Repeat until I feel the head slip in. That alone took about three minutes. Relax, breath, hold – still gotta get that big second hump in. Relax, breath, nudge – yes! It’s sliding in. Scoop! If I wasn’t already lying down I would have collapsed.

I laid there in my side for about 5 minutes making sure everything felt OK. Everything did. Then I did a slide onto my back. Everything’s OK. I probably lay on my back for about a ½ hour. I tried to do nothing, but that’s easier said than done – the small contractions come and go on there own. I try my side. Nothing. I lay on stomach. Not much. Over to the back again – try nipple stim. Now that’s the ticket. I wish there was another way of saying that Progasm is more “intense” than the Helix. Maybe “insistent” is the better word.

The nipple stim and 10 minutes of constant involutaries really loosen things up. The whole canal is relaxed and enjoying things – just the way it’s supposed to be in Aneros Land. No soft tissue tears, not even sore. I had a self imposed hour limit for my first time Progasm use – I only went over by 15 minutes!

I feel like I went into the bedroom and boy and came out a man. Well, maybe I’m not “Advanced” yet, maybe “Intermediate”.

The adventure continues,


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  1. Thanks, J4. I'm so intimidated by the size of my Prograsm (plus its remarkable resemblance to a penis) that it's still in its packaging. From your blog, I now know that it won't rip me from stem to stern, but it's gonna require bolstering the courage before I can take it on a maiden voyage. Good to know you survived. Slipperybugger

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