Hope for dreams


I bought a helix before a month and read me through this forum.

In the beginning there were little feelings in my anal region, but with the time the feelings got less.

So I ordered a prograsm and a gymnastik ball which I received today.

The prograsm is really thick and I first thought that this will never fit in me. But to my suprise I get there without a problem, but I still didn't get any feeling. I hoped that this kingsize prograsm would touch my prostate, but it didn't.

I hope that with the time there will be more to tell, but now I am very disappointed…. But we will see.

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  1. I'll tell you what to do. After you put it in, walk around. Maybe even go outside and walk and at the same time squeeze alittle. I find to get it going just lying around is not enough sometimes. For me it takes about a half hour or so to start feeling anything. After that time sit and rock around and squeeze. It may take longer but the more you move around the more sensation you will start to get. After a while you will be surprised.

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