Serious Aftershocks

This is a follow up to my first Progasm session. That night, as I lay in bed, I started doing little contractions. Soon I was playing “Chase the Pleasure Echo” like I learned over the Christmas holidays when I was Anerosless. This involves doing some External Male Deer rubbing and then contracting for awhile. Boy did things take off. For the next hour and a half the contractions and spasms rose and fell and rose and fell. I didn’t know if the little walnut was going to let me sleep at all. These pleasant flutters were fun to chase – I’m sure by some definitions I was having waves of mini-o’s.

This was definitely rewiring – it felt like my prostate was plugged in. I now consciously recognize that when the prostate is calling for blood that your heart rate changes to that deep intestinal thumping that you can just ride up and down. Veins throb in my eardrums. There was a pulsing taught power cord reaching from the topside base of my penis to just below my belly button. All sorts of different muscle groups in my pelvis were spasming in different directions.

All these things are new: conscious recognition of pulse/heart rate change, plugged in and fluttering prostate, belly power cord. And the ‘on switch’ is the Male Deer. My brain is responding. The Progasm really stirred things up down there.

When it was all said and done I even had a smallish wet spot to show for it. That’s another Milestone by Wiki Standards. As a matter fact, by Wiki Standards, I’m closer to the end than the beginning! The next Milestone is ‘Dry-O’! Unless the Aneros Gods make me go back and finish the ones I skipped, like “Large Muscle Quaking”.

Then, next morning I even had a p-wave while making coffee standing over the sink.

So intrepidly I had another session today, similar to yesterdays. Almost exactly the same results. At the peak of the session I felt a strange urge – like hunger, very primal. I decided I was going to have release some of this tension, so I have reluctantly entered a period of refraction.

A lot happening lately.



  1. Thanks for posting so regularly. I ordered the SGX not sure if I made a mistake! Looks small!! I bought the Nexus Excel a little big and textured, a little rough on my virgin bum LOL! So I decided the try Aneros. Oh well can only wait and see. I admire your persiverance.



  2. And remember……….once you go over the edge!!!….there's no turning back. 🙂 AIN"T LIFE GRAND

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