Nothing has happened

Like my first try with the prograsm, nothing has really happened. I was wearing the prograsm as I was sitting on the couch and playing PS2. I am expecting nothing to happen, so we will see if things got up.

Today I am using the MGX on the gymnastic ball, it feels very nice but also I didn't feel my prostate either….

Am I doing something wrong?

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  1. phischi

    I used the Helix for four and half months before I found out I was using the wrong end. No, I didn't insert the handle and P-tab! I was using the wrong end of my body. I thought the unit was supposed to stimulate the anal muscles to spasm which would drive the Aneros into my prostate and send me into ecstasy. Like you, I waited….and waited…and waited…and relaxed…and…nothing. Pan and Rumel explained that this whole process begins in your mind. Pan uses detailed fantasy of building and building to ejaculation (even though you never truly ejaculate with the Aneros, the sensations are similar and it gives your mind something familiar to start with). So, if you are sitting on the couch and playing PS2 and wondering why nothing is happening, try turning off the video games and climbing into bed with some of your very own, wild and crazy fantasies. As the mind gets more and more aroused, the body will follow along and try to emulate physical sensations to go with your mental images. Don't expect fireworks just yet; it will take some time for your body and mind to learn this new form of communication. Allow your body to be really relaxed while your mind works toward sexual frenzy. Listen carefully to how the body responds and to any subtle sensations given off by the prostate, rectum, anus and perineum. . Let me know if this helps.


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