My first and only “non-ejaculatory” penile multiple orgasm

[b]My first and only “non-ejaculatory” penile multiple orgasm as a kid.[/b]

[b]I am an adult now, for the record, but this is a story about when I was younger.[/b]

I had a friend stay over for my thirteenth birthday. I was a late bloomer and my friend was an early bloomer and developed much faster than others our age. He was 12 and he looked much older than everyone in our class. He had hairy legs, could grow a full beard and mustache, was 6 foot tall, had a very deep voice and he used it for opera, a large pointed Adam’s apple, a full, bushy patch of dark, curly public hair, and a huge penis in width and length on hard. I was young, young looking (when I was 12 everyone thought I was eight), and a small person back then but his erect penis looked to be probably 8 inches and very wide. We got to talking about sex. He asked me if I knew what an orgasm is. I had a good idea what it was but pretended not to know and hear his version of it. He told me it is something that makes your body feel real good. My penis was very erect and tingly, 4 inches and thin with barely any pubic hair. We talked about masturbation. It was dark in the room while we were both lying on my bed but enough light from the moon showed me his enormous erection tall and arching toward him. He was tapping on the head of his penis making a loud tapping sound. I noticed him turning his head seeing if I was watching him as he was playing with himself. I told him I knew what he was doing. He said talking about sex and jacking off has got him real horny. I grabbed his cock and asked him what it was acting stupid. He replied it was his dick. He started rubbing his leg against mine and laughing. He then grabbed my penis through my boxers and rubbed it real quick. Then he put his hand down my boxers and started playing with it. I wanted to cum so badly. I was at the stage where I ejaculated clear liquid but not white semen yet. A few months later though white specks would start to appear in my clear ejaculate. The clear ejaculate was almost as thick as regular semen except the color and had some qualities of pre-cum. I remember I precummed more than ever before that night. I stuck my hand down his boxer shorts and brushed over his pecker and through his pubic hair and lightly over his balls. We played a lot of touchy, feely that night. He humped me several times periodically. I started humping him back and then mounting his leg. I ended up having an orgasm on his leg but to my surprise and unlike my other orgasms by jacking off solo the orgasm did not stop. The whole time I was ejaculating clear fluid non-stop. I humped him for probably 20 minutes having orgasm after orgasm but it seemed longer. I could have been humping him for hours, can’t remember how long, but it was a long time. It became so intense I had to take a few breaks after several minutes of orgasms. After the first six minutes of non-stop orgasms my balls started aching slightly. My nuts eventually shrunk down to a much smaller size temporarily after all the orgasm/ejaculation activity. My nutsack was sweaty and hanging low. My boxers were drenched and sticky with fluid. During that session I stopped after a while because I thought I would permanently run out of sperm and that my balls would shrink down forever. As a kid this was all new to me. If I knew the things I knew now I would have kept going on and on even if it took hours, until the orgasms stopped completely. This is a rare experience so I appreciate it.

When I was having orgasms it just kept getting better and better. The orgasm would feel just like an intense ejaculatory orgasm that would end the same way but either start again seconds later or have another orgasm start before the previous one ended. After several minutes of having one intense penile ejaculatory orgasm after another I started to feel weird all over my body. This feeling would begin, stop, and come back again or keep going and getting better and better. The only way I can describe the feeling is that of an electrical feeling all over my body and blissful waves throughout the body with a high feeling. It felt like electricity and static. My head felt like it was spinning, my hair felt like static was dancing all over it, my face and head and some parts of my body felt tingly and with a buzzing sensation, and I felt weird sensations going up and down my spine. My butt felt weird, I was short of breath, sweating a little, my balls, scrotum, and perineum felt real sensitive, etc. It was just an amazing experience for me. I didn’t want it to end. To date this was the best orgasm I have ever had. The Super O is too but it’s of a different flavor like apples are to oranges. This same analogy applies to the different types of sensations and orgasms you can get with the Peridise set compared to other “regular” Aneros models.

Has anyone else had an experience like this? Tell me your story of having non-ejaculatory penile or non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms. I felt it important to mention this story since the Aneros forum discusses the science of types of orgasms. I’ve read that before someone fully enters puberty they are able to have as many orgasms as they want without a refractory period. Science should really look into this and discover a way to prevent the refractory period once someone enters puberty and start to ejaculate.

Some of the mental, physical, and emotional feelings of this are probably present during a Super O via the Aneros. But the Aneros Super O to my knowledge does not involve the ejaculation feelings/reflex and not much of the penis at all but the rest of the body except the penis. It’s like the penis is taking a break while the rest of the body gets some action. Remember folks, and this is my theory, there is a difference between non-ejaculatory orgasms and non-ejaculatory [i]penile[/i] orgasms. Correct me if I’m wrong.

The Aneros is the only thing that has almost been able to bring me back to that memory but the Aneros is an adventure uniquely of its own. Thank you Aneros!

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  1. EB81, this too along with your recent Aneros can trigger erotic memories post above, are truly wonderful recollections and writing! Congratulations.

    Your multiple peniles and energetic bliss waves were a true gift for you, as in a similar way my IOs were at a roughly similar stage of physical development! I think it is so important for young males to experiment and have these experiences during the wiring/rewiring of all the puberty processes.

    Keep up the writing! And everything else too ;)!

    all the very best


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