no trouble inserting. but can't seem to keep it in; keeps slipping out. any suggestions?


  1. Hello gotit, 🙂

    Questions are generally best asked within the Forum, rather than the Blogs. The Forums are more frequently visited, and you will get more responses there. The Blogs are more for just keeping an online diary of your Aneros experiences.

    Often times you can find the answer to what you are looking for by using the "Search" feature of the Forum before posting a question.

    This is what I did to find an answer for you. I searched for the word "insertion". The following link should answer your question.


  2. You gotta be kidding!

    My Progasm is still in the box. Wife will gift wrap it for Father's Day. Gonna need more Helix practice before giving that badboy a try.

    Thoughts of the Progasm must have triggered a dream two nights ago. I broke the stem off an Aneros and was hunting for a proctologist to remove it. Good news is that the Progasm stem looks pretty strong.


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