I think I reached a Super-O, eight months after first getting into the Aneros. This was in a session Thursday night that capped off a very horny week for me.

I started off with the MGX and only a few squirts of ID Glide lube. With this session, I just wanted to guide the Aneros to a "sweet spot" and let it sit there. Boy did I ever do that! About 15-20 minutes into the session, following some wonderful p-waves, I jiggered the MGX so it was nudging the prostate. This produced a fantastic "wave" sensation emanating through my midsection. I was in a semi-sleepy state, totally relaxed. Instead of doing contractions, I just let my body lie there like a wet noodle. The only movement was very gently stroking the base of my hard penis to stimulate the "holding off a pee" muscle. Then something fantastic happened – the pleasure got deeper and deeper. I went from fantasizing to vaguely thinking "oh my god" as my heartbeat and breathing got more pronounced. The feelings got to a consistent intensity, very much unlike anything I've ever had before. Although there was a little bit of fear in the back of my mind, I was able to hold this super-o (at least I hope it was the super-o!!) for about five minutes.

The main think I want to point out here is that, once I got the thing in place, I hardly moved at all. This was a bit of an epiphany for me. Maybe as guys we're so used to thinking we have to "push" something to get the maximum pleasure, like with a normal penis-based orgasm. In this case, I barely had to do anything – just make my body into a limp noodle.

That night I spent the next two hours trying to get another one. Although I did have some excellent dry-os, I think I was too awake and excited to do a repeat performance. It does, however, give me incentive to keep coming back for more!

(Double posted to How I Got My First Super-O thread.)


  1. Sounds like my first breakthrough. I use the do nothing method often. After reaching the level you are at now… learning curve increased dramatically. Good luck!!!!

  2. no shit dude, you are going to have a lot more of those awesome feelings you felt and experienced. You are so there…………..enjoy, they are great.!!!!every session is different, but different in a different and cool way. hang with it , develop your style. enjoy the moment…..
    good luck!!!!

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