Revolution Now

Haven’t had time for many sessions lately, but I snuck in a 2 hour Peridise session. Not much to write home about, so I opened up an old thread of mine I never posted. I figure I’ll put it in my blog first before I go mainstream with it on the forum incase I have any second thoughts (can you have second thoughts after you post a blog on the internet?).

Anyways, there was a post circulating this forum a while back that has the phrase the “planets must be aligned” in reference to several members who had great sessions on the same night. That night, in late November, I was gazing out at the twilight sky as Jupiter and Venus made a smiley face with the moon – and that got me thinking… What if we here at the forum formed a Full Moon Club? There are more than 6000 registered users now. What if we all plan a session on days/nights during the full moon? Kind of a cosmic wave. Here are a few thoughts as to why this intrigues me:

1) The internet, cell phones, GPS, computers and all the rest of industrialized society is stripping away innate abilities are brains have to utilize their surroundings (i.e. search this forum for Polynesians). We are technologically dependant on things are ancestors had none of. I’m not going all anti-industrialist here, I’m just pointing out that the Super Orgasm is not about technology.

2) Before written language, we used to use astrological indicators to keep time like the solstice or high noon. Standardized time, for instance, in the United States was not even needed until the railway system was built. Until then, every town kept their own time. Utilizing a Full Moon to signal the start of a global session requires no technology.

3) Pleasure is one of the ultimate human non-verbal experiences. Why do you think so much space in this forum is dedicated to describing it? It cannot be measured. Words don’t exist to capture its nuance. Get in touch with your amygdala. It doesn’t need words. Get in touch with your neocortex. It knows things beyond words.

4) We need things in this forum to think about to perpetuate/stimulate the needs of intermediate to advanced users – like Artforms’ Spiritual Orgasm. I can barely crank out a mini P-wave much less a Spiritual Orgasm but I like to think about the good things to come.

Have you ever been to a stadium event were the crowd does “The Wave”? First one section tries to start it, but it fizzles. After several attempts, more and more sections get into the act. After a couple of near misses, the entire stadium starts to act in concert and the wave starts circling the stadium. It’s mesmerizing.

As scatter shot as this post may seem, I’m trying to go after an idea here. Something along the lines of Coherent Orgasmic Synchronized Energy Release – COSER – an orgasmic pleasure laser if you will – circling the planet like protons around a particle accelerator. If you’ve progressed beyond wondering if the Aneros hits your prostate or not, maybe this thought process appeals to you. If you think that consciousness is just a little bit bigger than evolution or if you think that the quest for the Super-O is not just about pleasure … welcome to the Full Moon Club.

During the next full moon, on Monday, February 9th, I will be having a session. No porn. No music. No words. No technology. Just laying there feeling the pulse beat below my navel.