Something has changed

Thanks to the comment of slipperybugger, I tried inserting the aneros and concentrating on feelings from my lower body.

As I am not recognizing any feeling of my prostate, I tried to search for it with an old toothbrush. I know the pressure on my prostate as a painful feeling from a doctor visit in the past. Now with the toothbrush I did not recognize any feeling…

So my concetracte was on the rectum and peripherum. There was a little tingeling, but nothing to cry out in ectstasy only to say this feeling is nice.

I think from other posts in this forum, that this feeling is at the beginning of a very long journey….

I am curious about what else will come….

Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

Greetings from Germany.


  1. sounds like you need help.slide the massager in with 4 cc of water based lubrenct at drug store get baby medicine surrange.with the larger tab facing your navel,now start massaging your penis and at the same time volentary contractions,you will immrditely feel your prostate,you will know this by a feeling that feels good,keep rubbing your penis at the same time keep squeezing your this very slowly with light squeezs and you will feel stronger good wave like feelings that build to a 15 minute orgasum,you should feel your cotractions go from vouintary to involintary.your session should last 1 hr. good luck f5751k

  2. Thanks f5751k for your advice. But I have a problem with the translation of "baby medicine surrange"? What is that? Baby medicine is clear, but I can't find surrange….


  3. Hi phischi,

    I hope you have been making some progress. What I have found is that the feeling you're looking for is not your prostate specifically; I can't really feel mine either. Rather it's the pleasure that begins to be induced in the prostate area when you massage it with the Aneros. It's the same feeling you get deep inside when you start to be aroused, and when you approach orgasm. Focus on that feeling (the tingling you mentioned) and not so much on the physicality of the prostate. Let the feeling grow and you'll be surprised how much it can.

    Good luck, and let us know how you're doing.

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