Short and very sweet

When I read about guys that have multi-hour sessions with their Aneros's, I wonder, Where do they get the time? I don't generally have that much private time to devote to my sessions. But for me it's a matter of quality rather than quantity.

So a few days ago, I had a pretty good block of time, so I did my usual preparation and began my session. It wasn't long before I was rocking with O's, each one getting stronger until I had one super long and intense one. What was different about this session was that I felt like I was going to ejac, and sure enough, on that last super O I did, hands free, of course. I usually don't ejac unless I'm rubbing my member. What a feeling. But then I was done (the downside), and when I took out my Aneros only about ten minutes had gone by. But it was a great ten minutes.

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