8 Month Anniversary

It is my 8 month anniversary. Since I’m always making progress but not reaching the Super-O I guess I’ll just have to keep writing entries to my blog until I graduate and get my diplOma from Aneros U.

Eight months – and I’m a guy with a lot of time, 4 different Aneros models, healthy, a good attitude and a supportive wife.

So I thought it was about time I chose my forum avatar. I picked a picture from the Large Hadron Collider. Lines of force converging on an ‘O’. Circling super charged waves of particles – and then BANG.

Started up the Full Moon Club last week. That was fun. I personally had a wonderful session, chock full of involutaries.

No physical breakthrough though. Mentally, I had a great time listening to the sky and feeling gravity wash over me. It was an exceptionally warm evening for this time of year and the rain held off. I was able to sit outside for about an hour and a half with my Peridise. Lots of cars, dogs and geese. Due to haze there was a full halo surrounding the full moon.

I appreciate all the positive encouragement and my resulting refocus of mental energy. Co-ordination of the Global O! I don’t think we’ll get on CNN anytime soon, but I’m already looking forward to next month’s event (Thursday, March 11th). Til then I’ll keep working on more techniques to get my mind in synch. I’m certainly all charged up this morning.

I hope the Super-O FMC group keeps going and growing. We have to approach some sort of Orgasmic Critical Mass.


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  1. Or is that an organic critical mAss?

    Happy Anniversary, J4!…and brilliant Avatar, chock full of symbolism…!
    Enjoy your 'cramming' as you work toward your diplOma. You're an inspiration to us all!


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