Getting back into the swing of things

I should preface this, with a little bit of history. I got the helix about 8 months and while I had some strong intial success I felt as though I was forcing things a little and not reaching the true potential of the helix.

I had enjoyed some great mini-O's but I didn't enjoy the way I got to them. So I began experimenting and trying unsuccessfully to find a more enjoyable method. I tried a few sessions that didn't really go anywhere and I essentially gave up on it, although I continued to use it as a masturbatory aid. Hence, my lack of posting for awhile.

Well recently I decided to try again and tried putting more effort into it. Recently I have been practicing my kegels and carefully finding the optimal position (hands and knees) when using the helix. Needless to say I think I found a winning method, hence my posting, hehe.

Well, last night was the proof and the funny thing is I wasn't even sure I should try. I had a midterm the next day and wanted to get up early to study longer for it and it was already 10:30pm. My libido won out and I rationalized that I deserved it because I had studied a lot for this one and I hadn't j/o in 2 days (a rather long time for a 21 y/o).

So, I went to the bathroom for a quick BM, came back to my room and started to read some erotic stores to get me in the mood. Once I had gotten nice and worked up I lubed up the aneros and myself and put it in.

Instantly it felt very satisfying and felt a drop of pre forming at the end of dick. I got down on all fours and started with some deep breathing. I really notice when I take a deep breath down into my gut that my organs shift a little, along with the helix and giving some wonderful sensations. I relax a little and continue to enjoy pleasant signals from my prostate.

This continued for a few minutes before I decided to start some contracting. I contract to about 30% of my max and enjoy the feelings as my muscles struggle to hold the helix in the same position.

I look down and see long string of pre coming from my dick all the way to the bed and stretching until a new drop comes from the tip.

I start to feel my muscles in my abs contract and I feel as though I can only take shallow breaths. I slow down to ensure that get back some deep breaths since I feel contricted when this happens.

I repeat this with another few contractions before the real show starts. I'm not even sure exactly how it started but I think I released from a contraction and the helix didn't relax back out as it had before. It just stayed lodged in there with the p-tab firmly against the perineum and head snug against the prostate.

I let out a load groan, something I don't normally do, as the the helix seemed to be moving between pressing on the prostate and the perineum without sliding out at all. I started to shake all over and and I'm only able to take short, shallow breathes.

I then think I just went to an altered state of consciousness because I don't really remember thinking anything at all, just basking in the shaking, glorious pleasure, groaning loudly as it rolls through me over and over. My dick was throbbing and shaking as though it were ejaculating but there was no sensation of fluid release, just waves of pleasure. It just kept going like that over and over again, I think for around 5-8 minutes.

I think the only thing that brought me back was because I was losing my breath, I was huffing and puffing like I was running a marathon and I just couldn't sustain it any longer. As I started to come back I also noticed that my arms had the pins and needles sensation because I had my head draped over them and must have cut off some circulation.

I just groaned and moaned and laid down because I was so overwhelmed. I just laid there as the waves of pleasure receded slowly enjoying every moment as I was still taking in large breathes.

I turned over and noticed my dick had gone soft, which was a welcome result because I felt really satisfied and had not desire to do anything else but sleep.

So what do you think?