Very first experiences (3 sessions)

I've experimented with anal play a bit in the past, but have never been completely satisfied with it. In the short span of a few days, the Aneros has changed my entire outlook on sexuality and linked together a number of unlikely experiences in my life that until now simply seemed odd or unexpected. I'll elaborate after first describing the past couple of days.

Based on recommendations I gleaned from the Aneros forum, I placed an order for the Helix. However, anticipation got the better of me while waiting the few days for it to arrive, so I looked up a local retailer and picked up the MGX to get some instant gratification, so to speak.

My first session was a learning experience to say the least. The MGX was comfortable, and acceptable to me given my limited past experiences. Following instructions and the advice I've been reading, I relaxed and began becoming familiar with the sensations of my new friend. I eventually began experimenting with some contractions, and it was not long before I noticed a strong yet intangible reaction when fully contracted. I could not identify anything particularly pleasurable inside, but the P-tab was definitely doing something for me. Finding the "sweet spot" for the P-tab definitely goes a long way in getting pleasure. (As an aside, I found the pressure from the MGX P-tab to be a bit severe, and ended up adding some cushion in the form of a soft cloth.)

I had noticed my body twitching slightly, and at first dismissed it, thinking maybe I was just a little cold or something. I soon learned that was not the case.

What happened next (maybe an hour later) really took me by surprise. The twitches had suddenly turned into violent, raging spasms with my arms, legs, and torso completely out of control. It wasn't like an orgasm though, as I wasn't particularly sensing any pleasure. It was just a raw, uncontrollable urge to convulse. I found myself becoming very vocal as well, with lots of deep guttural growling. I'm not sure I was completely conscious as it seemed I was no longer in control of my body; something animalistic had taken over.

I had to forcibly subdue myself as I was getting really fatigued. I experimented more with contractions, trying to see if any involuntaries might take over. They didn't, but I understood this is all about the rewiring process and I accepted that. I was still not experiencing anything that I perceived to be particularly pleasurable, with exception of the sensations from the P-tab. I did however have some strong emotional reactions, from laughing uncontrollably to almost wanting to cry for the sheer appreciation of being able to have this experience.

That first session lasted several hours and eventually I decided to try finishing off with a Super-T. To my slight disappointment, this was both difficult (because I didn't have a very strong erection) and not completely satisfying (the movement of the Aneros by the ejaculatory contractions were uncomfortable). However, it did satiate my desire to continue the session, and I called it quits for the time being.

It wasn't long though before I was ready to go at it again. My second session benefited from the experiences of the first, and it was during this session that I started to experience something that just barely felt like an orgasm. During the fits of spasms, I would occasionally tense up for longer and longer periods of time that I soon found to be undeniably, if almost imperceptibly, pleasurable. Having some erotic material to look at definitely helped. My body was still largely uncontrollable, and during the strong locked-up tension moments I felt I was starting to give myself a headache as I was forcing blood to rush into my neck, face and head. I decided to cool down and reflect on what was happening.

The sensations I was starting to experience, while not immediately identifiable, were nonetheless surprisingly familiar to me. I can recall a number of incidents in other, completely non-sexual contexts that in hindsight I now believe are related. To give just a couple of examples, when I was a young kid at the playground, I sometimes liked to climb poles (like fire poles or swing stands). Doing this, however, I found often gave me a strong tickling sensation in my groin area—but not centered on my penis. Sometimes it was so strong I would have to stop climbing. I didn't understand why it happened, and I didn't climb poles in pursuit of this feeling, but I remember asking my mother about it out of sheer curiosity (and not getting an answer). Today I would say climbing the poles had indirectly stimulated my young prostate.

Another experience I now cognitively link with prostate stimulation is when I finish urinating. I have noticed that when I clench to finish urinating, my body will sometimes shake involuntarily. It only happens very briefly (hopefully imperceptibly to anyone in the room with me at public urinals) but given my newfound understanding of the male anatomy I would say this is also due to prostate stimulation. The spasms I have experienced with the Aneros are much like an amplified version of this simple response.

On to my third session. By this time the Helix had arrived, so I decided to give it a whirl. It seemed to be even more comfortable than the MGX, especially the P-tab which was not exerting quite as much (painful) pressure, so a cloth was unnecessary. Using some erotic material as a catalyst, I found I was starting to get some intensely pleasurable results. I learned to control my body spasms so I could focus on the other sensations. To my delight, my sphincter muscles were beginning to make some involuntary contractions, giving me less need to focus on contracting them voluntarily.

What I've found is that the pleasure builds from deep within, and is not directly caused by the Aneros at all. Others on the forum have said as much; the stimulation of the Aneros works to amplify and expand those feelings. The feelings to me are like those felt when just nearing an orgasm: a small concentration of pleasurable energy deep within. By focusing on that energy, I find that the Aneros is able to coax it into becoming slightly larger. Through a chain reaction, eventually the energy becomes overpowering, and feels to me very similar to a conventional orgasm. During my third session, I experienced wave after wave of this building and climax. The climax itself was often not the climax at all—it would continue to build into a new, even higher climax repeatedly until I felt exhausted and had to let the energy subside before it would start all over again. During the climaxes my body would convulse and tense involuntarily, but otherwise I tried as much as possible to limit or internalize my spasms. I was getting a workout, sweating, and thirsty! I kept several bottles of water nearby and drank from them often.

Breaking only for the occasional pee, I continued that session for hour after hour. I tried playing with a Fleshlight for a bit, only to find it wholly paled in comparison to the pleasure I was getting from the Aneros (and I found it difficult to hold an erection anyway—it seems my focus would rather be on what was going on inside). I tried to finish with a Super-T again, but still found the Aneros to be uncomfortable (almost painful) during ejaculation. Nonetheless, I was sated. What a marathon.

Today I'm finding I have several day-after effects. First is muscle soreness! My legs, abdomen, arms, and chest feel like I've finished a workout at the gym. But the more interesting effect is I am able to bring on body shakes just by looking at images I find erotic. These don't feel orgasmic in nature, but they are arousing and I could imagine they might lead somewhere very pleasurable; I might experiment combining this with traditional masturbation without the Aneros.

Finally I have to say the best day-after effect is a profound sense of well-being. I've found myself singing and dancing like I'm a new man—because I am. Wow. Thank you, Aneros.