New experiences—some positive, others perplexing

In my first entry I mentioned I might try combining my pleasurable day-after effects with traditional masturbation. I did, and the result was one of the strongest orgasms and ejaculation I've had in recent memory; it was quite enjoyable.

That was last night. Early this morning I woke up to involuntary spasms and arousal sensations, as though I were having an Aneros session—but I wasn't! The convulsions literally woke me up. Unfortunately, I was still tired and wasn't in the mood to go for a spin. But there was no stopping the movements and sensations. Frustrated, I got out of bed and started my day—tired, but at least consciously able to suspend what would otherwise have been a pleasurable experience.

It wasn't long before my tiredness caught up with me, and I decided to take a nap. I slept for maybe an hour, and awoke again to the same orgasmic teasing and uncontrollable body movements. This time I was a little less tired, and kind of enjoying the experience, and since I couldn't seem to stop it anyway I gave in to getting the Helix and going for a full session. I practiced some deep breathing, trying to calm my body as much as possible. I focused on bringing the pleasurable sensations into every part of my body, filling me up. By concentrating on keeping my body completely relaxed, I think this helped spur the involuntaries as the only remaining avenue of release for the mounting erotic tension; I don't think I induced any voluntary contractions at all.

I think this fourth session has been the most pleasurable overall. It also ended up being the shortest; maybe an hour or two. I was fairly aroused throughout the entire session, and kept an erection for most of it. I got so horny I had to go for the Super-T again, and this time it actually felt great. I have some theories on why my earlier attempts were so uncomfortable, having to do with the length of session and issues of lubrication.

So my problem now is that I can't seem to get any sleep. I got very tired and decided to call it an early night, but soon after crawling into bed the spasms and tensions started up again. I just wanted to sleep, but my body had other ideas. I found no way to calm myself, except to give in and masturbate with traditional ejaculation (without Aneros). That succeeded in getting me to sleep—for a few hours anyway.

I want to say the Aneros has so far been to me both a blessing and a curse. Not a curse in the sense that I'm addicted to it (although I admit I am hooked) but rather that it has provoked irreversible changes in my body that I haven't quite figured out how to control yet. And here I'm talking about controlling my body after the Aneros is removed! I don't quite know how to turn it off. For some people this might seem a welcome turn of events, but be careful what you wish for!

I'm not disappointed at all, but I would like to get some quality sleep time. Hopefully my body will adjust and learn to balance its newfound ability to induce pleasure with my competing needs.