I purchased the Helix a couple of weeks ago and I had an opportunity to try it out. Like many people in the forum, I did not get the magical response that I was hoping for. Here is what I did.

1. Clean with a water enema
2. Injected 5cc's of lubricant in the rectum.
3. Inserted the lubricated Helix.

After the initial feeling, I felt quite comfortable. After a few minutes, I really didn't get much sensation at all. I put on some relaxing music and rolled on my side. Did the flexing of the PC muscles for 15 min or so. I tried many of the positions that I read about on some of the other blogs and still very little stimulation. I sat up "Indian style" and started to rock back and forth. I started to get a nice feeling, but I was afraid that I was applying too much pressure on the perineum by sitting on the device. I had much more internal sensations than from the external part of the device.

I guess that my biggest problem is that I have a hard time becoming or staying aroused. My penis is completely flaccid and I don't feel like there is blood rushing down there. In fact it feels like the opposite, like the device is hindering the blood flow.

If I try to masturbate with the helix in, it seems to be very difficult to get and maintain an erection. This has never happened in my traditional sessions. Is this all mental? I am open to suggestions. I want to experience what many of you have experienced, but I want to make sure that I am doing this right.

Also, I see that many of you are able to have 2 hr sessions. When do you start to feel good? Am I not giving myself enough time? is there a tried and true position that seems to work for most people? Thanks for any input.


  1. Hi Johnny_Rot,

    Don't worry about the flaccid penis… you can have the feeling of really intense orgasms even without an erection. In fact, it's better not to focus on your penis at all when you're just starting out.

    This is not all completely mental, but much of it is. I found it helps not to focus on the physical aspects of what's happening, but instead on the deep, subtle feelings inside that are at first only faintly pleasurable. Combine it with some erotic fantasy to help get you in the mood. Pretend you're going to have a mind-blowing orgasm and work with the tension and anticipation you start to feel building up—but don't force it. You can't rush this; try to stay physically relaxed as much as possible. Also make sure you are completely comfortable and relatively stress-free; any distractions are going to spoil your concentration and experience.

    You will know you are on the right track if you start to experience any involuntary muscle spasms in your arms, legs, or torso. You won't necessary feel any pleasure from this, but in my experience it is a sign of the orgasmic energy trying to find a release. As you learn to "rewire" you can redirect this energy inward to start to experience exquisite pleasure.

    As for length of session, 45 minutes would probably be a bit on the short side, especially just starting out. I may not start to experience much during the first 30 minutes… I use that time to relax, meditate, or get into the mood by viewing or fantasizing erotic material. But do what feels best for you; every person's experience is different.

    Good luck and be sure to update with your progress.

  2. I will try and keep your suggestions in mind. I will keep you guys updated as to my journey.

    I have another question about the pressure on the perineum. During sex or during masturbation, I enjoy putting pressure on my prostate by pushing in that area. I don't feel like the Helix is applying enough pressure on that spot to cause any real stimulation. Once again, Should I give it more time or manually "help" it out" by pushing a little.

  3. I would not try to help by pushing on the P-tab; the pressure should come entirely from your sphincter muscles, and will help to train your body to produce involuntary contractions.

    You can instead though experiment with the placement of the P-tab to see if there is a spot more arousing, called the "sweet spot." I've found this possible with just some careful left/right adjustments on the perineum, but some people prefer a spot further up or down where the tab does not seem to hit, suggesting a modification. Check the wiki for some more info on this if the tab does not seem to be doing anything for you.

  4. You must learn to relax, breath rhythmicly, and let it take over. This may be a long journey but it will be worth it when you get there.

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