Sixth session: Sensual bliss

I spent part of the day reading about chakras and their traditional mystical interpretations. I am definitely at a point where I can feel something—an energy—moving around and through my body. And, I can intensify the feeling just by focusing my awareness on it with the intent to do so.

I wonder if that's all that's really been happening around the prostate, which is near the root chakra considered to be at the base of the spine. By moving the energy around there with my awareness, I can eventually induce an orgasm. It's relatively easy to do this because the energy has a sexual, pleasurable quality to it, making it trivial to identify and immensely enjoyable to dwell upon. (It is actually the second chakra, below the navel, that is supposed to be connected with sexual response; perhaps this helps explain the effectiveness of e.g. the male deer exercise…)

The other energies I've been experiencing do not have the same sexual quality to them. Yet they are clearly present around the other chakras, and must have a similar relationship with the nervous system of the body as does the root chakra, as they're able to induce the same muscle spasms I'd experienced when first starting with the Aneros.

I don't experience spasms as much any more, at least as far as they are associated with prostate massage, and I think this is an effect of the "rewiring" process—another way to look at it might be an opening up of energy channels. My other chakras are (or were) not as open yet, and so the energy has been jolting and shocking my nervous system causing convulsions.

Anyway, enough with the left-brain theories. I was hoping my Progasm would arrive today, but alas no. I was feeling in the mood nonetheless, and set out for another Helix session.

This session was a lot less violent than all my others, and yet I was able to get at least as much pleasure. I started out on my back because I felt like maybe I had pulled a muscle in my abdomen in an earlier session, and wanted to keep movement of it to a minimum. I eventually came to a nice string of Os and Super-Os (I'll call them that only because they're the most pleasurable thing I've experienced so far and they're incredibly intense). Everything was becoming pretty natural to me—the involuntary contractions, the breathing, the focusing and raising of energy.

Intrigued by what I had experienced last night, I started experimenting again raising energy throughout other parts of my body at the same time I was having orgasms. Eventually I noticed the orgasms take on a different quality… rather than intensifying into more, more, more, there was rather a feeling of completion and wholeness; a satisfying bliss. I could continue them if I wanted, but the bliss became pleasurable in itself. I decided to stay there a while, and fell into a deep meditation. (I could have been asleep.) For the next hour or so—I'm guessing—my meditation was interrupted occasionally by a deep rush of energy from the bottom of my spine up through the top of my head, touching every chakra. It had only a faint sexual quality to it; the majority of it was a blissful feeling of love, happiness, wholeness, peacefulness, and completeness. It hovered for a bit and then receded. Pleasure wave? I think I would have to call it a joygasm. It repeated a number of times.

Each time the joygasm pulse came, I was becoming more and more awake. I had the same wonderful feelings of well-being I've been having after my Aneros sessions, but here I was still in one. But I was contented enough to feel ready to stop.

Each session just gets more and more amazing. Where will it all lead? I don't know, but I'm sure enjoying the experience.