Non-orgasmic orgasm?

Yesterday was a good day. I got some things accomplished, and was feeling good.

Upon retiring to bed, still bemused by my newfound ability to voluntarily induce pleasure, I did so and experienced a few dry-Os. Not to get too involved in a session though, and since I had gotten rock hard, I decided to whip up an ejaculation… it was a very nice release.

I still had some tingling pleasure sensations afterward, and I started to notice something else too. My entire body was covered with scintillating energy… not orgasmic energy, but something else. I don't think it was the same as the soothing energy I experienced a few days ago either; I don't really know what it was. Orgasmic energy for me seems to center around the prostate area, but I couldn't place a source for this new energy I was feeling. Maybe the throat? It just seemed to be everywhere—my shoulders, face, chest… less so it seemed in my legs, but I could feel it there too.

But what really got my attention is that I could control it. By raising this new energy with my focused awareness in the same way I've learned to raise orgasmic energy, it would intensify. It felt nice, as if I were vibrating. But the surprising thing is that if I raised it to a high enough level, my physical body would start to experience involuntary muscle spasms, just like my first experience with the Aneros!

What was going on? My analytical brain kicked in and started to piece bits of knowledge together. The first time I experienced those muscle spasms with the Aneros, I was feeling only miniscule pleasure from the orgasmic energy… as if the energy was instead dissipating into my body and causing the spasms. As I learned to control the spasms (rewire), the energy became more noticeable and more pleasurable.

What would become of this new energy if I learn to control its spasms? I had no idea what to expect. The energy itself didn't seem to have any definable characteristics.

I continued to experiment with it, but was also feeling tired and eventually fell asleep.

While I slept I had a dream that is remarkable to me now only in the way that it ended. I suddenly felt that my entire body was getting sucked into a tube through my feet. However, since I didn't know where I was going, my shock and apprehension caused me to snap back into my physical body and wake up.

This morning I was feeling more of the orgasmic energy, and it surged through me a few times without much of my help. I'm still tingling as I write this and not sure where I will go from here.

It's a continuing adventure!