Sober with new progasm

Was real excited today when I got my progasm. First thing I noticed was it was much larger than I thought it would be compared to my helix. Inserting wasnt too bad at all, had the Hypnaerosession playing on my computer and all the lights off in my room. At first just having it in felt really good, but after about half an hour things were feeling a little sore. Really liked the K tab, and the design of the P tab. Contractions felt very nice and didnt require too much effort. Im definately excited to use the progasm again, but Im going to wait until all the soreness goes away and I can enjoy it feeling fresh.


  1. I think I could handle the bulk indoors, but the width of that stem really spooks me!

  2. I found I had to relax and breath deeply and play with at the entrance to loosen up tightness and then it would go in easily. Now the others dont feel like anything if you go backward. Try stepping up to Progasm.

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