Fast forward a couple of weeks

During the past couple of weeks I’ve discovered quite a few things that work for me. (And some that don’t).

1. As mentioned quite often in these forums and blogs, trying for a session every day is not productive, I’ve found I need to take a day or two off between sessions to make any progress.
2. So far my best sessions have been in the early morning (7:00 ~ 8:00 am) shortly after breakfast, kicked back in my recliner, mostly fully clothed.
3. The relaxation / deep breathing exercises work well for me, but the suggested 20 to 30 deep breathing / contraction exercises seemed to make me numb. I don’t know, maybe I was contracting much too hard and wearing myself out. I still may do a couple of hard or medium-hard contractions, but it mostly depends upon the feedback I’m getting at the moment on whether I do them or not.

This morning I had my best ever session…

Took a nice dump after breakfast, gave myself a quickie douche, lubed up the hole with a couple-three of cc of Maximus lube, lubed up and inserted my handle-less helix and headed for the recliner.

The other day while browsing the forums I saw where someone mentioned they took a towel, folded it in half length-wise, and then rolled both ends towards the center stopping when the rolls were the same width as their butt cheeks. When placed under the butt there is then plenty of room for the Aneros to maneuver. Today I tried this, and it was a winner.

I started my 15 ~ 30 minutes of relaxation / deep breathing exercises and tried really, really hard to concentrate only on the feelings the Aneros was giving me. With each breath I was able to feel its subtle movements as it gently caressed my anus and prostate. Woo-hoo, what an exquisite feeling!

After the relaxation / deep breathing exercises I initiated a medium anal contraction. (Note: I have the worst time trying to figure out just how hard of a contraction I’m holding, so I’ve totally given up on trying to assign some percentage number to it). Anyway, a little later the involuntary contractions started to kick in… boy, they did they ever kick in. It actually felt like my anus was moving the base of the helix around in small circles. This “small circle” movement feeling ebbed and flowed for the next 30 minutes. My body, head, arms, and legs jerked and flopped around like I was possessed. I was vocalizing (moaning) almost constantly the whole 30-minutes. My heart raced. I was panting. I was crying and laughing all at the same time. When the intensity started to ebb all I had to do to get it going again is give my nipples a flick. It was the best friggin’ feeling thing I have ever experienced, PERIOD!

Christ, it’s now 12-hours later and I still have a s**t eatin’ grin on my face thinking about what happened.



  1. Congrats, SWW!

    The rewiring process for me from the point you are at now seemed to consist of gaining control over all that jerking and flopping… redirecting that energy inward into a pleasure sensation rather than letting it disappear into all those muscle spasms.

    Keep at it and thanks for sharing.

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