Morning orgasms… into the late afternoon

This morning has been uniquely pleasurable… No Aneros, yet my body has learned to bring about some amazing orgasms just sitting and working (or getting lost in erotic thought) or running some errands…

It's some pleasure-on-demand capability I'm wired into. Woo-hoo! Who wouldn't want to know they could do that?

I wonder too how far I can take it. There are different levels of pleasure, from some slight stirring to a more fulfilling buzz to an occasional body-shaking intensity and craving and climax and release. There's no ejaculation (or erection), leaving me with a constant baseline tingling ready to climb again. I could probably go all day.

Seriously, how happy this is. Remarkably, I can sense an openness today in my relationships with other people… when oneself is glowing, it's so easy to share that emotive quality with others.

O happy day!

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  1. Know what you mean – I've had a few happy days myself, kind squeeze and hold a little down there and let go, feel it spread.

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