Oily Fish Moon

Maxed on fish oil (now push the pedal down!)

I completed my 15 day ramp up from 0 to 6250 mg of fish oil per my original plan just in time for the Full Moon Club lollapalooza. I’ll let you be the judge, since success can only be based on results…

First of all, I was able to get my wife in on the action! We have a weekly Sunday night meeting to discuss the week ahead and the FMC made the agenda for Wednesday at 9. On Wednesday, after getting the house all settled down, I lubed up, chose the Helix, and got into bed naked. “Oh right”, she says “It’s the Full Moon”, and she waved her fingers in the air and made a scary Halloween sound.

Now this is the first time I’ve just laid next to her and had a session – we’ve enjoyed the Aneros during couple play on numerous occasions, but this time I wasn’t expecting anything I just needed my space in the bed (especially since this full moon thing is timed perfectly for her cycle). Regardless, she started right in on me; touching, sucking, licking and stroking. 45 minutes. I finally got my “large muscle quaking” groove going – despite telling her distinctly “I bet you can’t make me jerk like that again”. Near 10:00, she launched me. The wonderful thing about it is that for those first 45 minutes, before she changed her focus, in spite of all her efforts, she did not trigger the traditional orgasm reflex. In the final five minutes, that was a different story.

So the next day, Thursday, I am completely charged up. Little flutters everywhere. It’s like I’m having after shocks from really incredible sex (which in general, drains the prostate energy with the onset of refraction, etc.), instead of a ground breaking Aneros session. The prostate is still all revved even after a mind blowing traditional orgasm. Now today, Friday, I am able to achieve a new kind of involuntary with the Progasm. I only hope the curve keeps going up.

Full Moon? Breakthrough? Fish Oil? I dunno. I tell you what though; the Full Moon Club thing builds anticipation (not expectation). While getting in touch with Coherent Orgasmic Waves kind of went out the window shortly after she made the scary Halloween sound, I certainly did my share of generating them! Getting the wife involved in regular sessions is the real breakthrough. Maybe the fish oil is heightening everything?

Whatever the reasons, I am again pushing against the envelope, instead of sliding sideways or down. And I like it. For a grinder like me it’s impossible to keep building arousal for months on end. I’ll keep with the fish oil, I’ve got at least another 3 week supply. If the end results for the first two week trial are 1) a fully charged prostate and 2) a new way to produce involuntaries, then by golly, I’m off to have some more fun.


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  1. Great news and story J4!

    all the best as you continue to swim upstream


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