My first session

So, yesterday morning my Helix arrived safe and sound and I decided to try it out straight away! Taking advice from the wiki, I went to the bathroom then used plenty of lube before insertion and gave myself time to relax after the initial excitement of what this journey might bring!

I inserted the Helix and could feel it pressing against my prostate, I now understand that 'needing to crap and pee at the same time' sensation. But that didn't last for long. I didn't do anything much for 10 minutes or so, just let the aneros sit there for the time being.

After that point I started contracting my sphincter muscles, I continued doing so in a regular fashion for the duration of my 2 hour session. During that time I experienced a number of things. The first was after half an hour or so, I secreted a couple of beads of pre-cum, my penis was pretty much inert the whole time so this was a new thing for me! I experienced a few muscle twitches in my thighs. I also felt a dull tense sensation across my lower belly/rectum area on a couple of occasions, certainly nothing intense, but noticeable none the less.

After a short while of doing these contractions, I realised that I couldn't feel the helix pressing against my prostate any more, it almost didn't feel as if it was there at all. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? I have tried anal play before now and I had got it into my head that I would be able to feel the aneros against it the whole time during the session. I even went as far as to attempt adjusting it a couple of times to make sure it was positioned right.

After the two hours were nearly up I decided to call it a day, I thought I might just finish off with a traditional orgasm just to see what would happen. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I ejaculated much more than I ever had before, probably 3 times as much as I am used to. The orgasm itself wasn't amazing though.

During the rest of the day, there were a few moments where I could feel my prostate exhibiting a sort of 'hard' feeling. It's difficult to describe, but I've not felt that kind of thing before (at least not while just sat down not doing anything) so I put that down to the session too.

Overall I think I am happy with my first session. I have taken the first steps into what promises to be a very interesting journey of discovery into my own body.

All comments are welcome 🙂


  1. In my opinion you should go easy with anal contractions; too many and / or doing them too hard seems to desensitize the prostate. For me PC contractions worked much better than the anal contractions.

    I copied the following from the Aneros / Slightest Touch instruction sheet.,%20Slightest%20Touch%20and%20the%20Super%20O.pdf
    This explanation really helped me to understand what was going on with the different types of contractions. Maybe it’ll help you also.

    “If you are feeling a tickling in your pelvic region or fullness in your prostate or twitching in your anus, focus on it with your mind’s eye and slowly introduce a PC contraction and hold it. A PC contraction is a muscular contraction associated with stopping the flow of urine. This is contrasted to an anal contraction that closes the anus tightly. With a PC contraction you will notice some movement of the Aneros as well, but on a much subtler level. If you are not already aware of the different types of contractions, take some time to familiarize yourself with them. In a sitting position begin a contraction as if you were stopping the flow of urine (PC). Gently increase tension WITHOUT contracting your anus. At certain point you will be able to go no farther. Now contract your anus, this should feel like a drawing in and closing sensation at the same time (ANAL). Now try bearing down as in a bowel movement (RECTAL). What you’ll discover is that as this contraction pushes outward it works antagonistically with the anal contraction. This relationship may be used to your advantage during your session, remember it.”

    In any case, enjoy your journey to its fullest.


  2. Good luck! All of those descriptions sound familiar to me. So the journey begins. This is a great place to post your thoughts. It becomes a great source for others also. LL

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