Sod's Law, Murphy's Law & drying laundry

I thought it was time to blow the dust off the blog.
I visit the site on a daily basis to see what is happening.
I have had many sessions with the Aneros, usually every second day.
On a couple of occasions I have come close but have not gone over the edge.

Sod's Law.
The wife is out for a couple of hours so I have a session.
Just coming to the boil and the house phone rings.
Her son answers but the moment is gone.
Concentrate, try again. Getting close and my mobile rings(The wife)
End of session.

Part 2.
Similar to the above but 2 day's later.
Wife out.
On the edge and my mobile rings.
Can I go to the neighbour as he wants to talk to me about something.
End of session.
Go to the neighbour, he is out.
Am I smiling.

Murphy's Law.
To the gentleman in Ireland whose Aneros was lost by An Phost.
This is an example of Murphy's Law.

Drying Laundry.
There was a post about "Pegging".
I had a read and saw that a "Feeldoe" was mentioned.
Googled it and had a read.
Posted the link to the original post.
It got me thinking.
The wife did say when we tried the Aneros together if
there was anything for her.
She ment front door not back door.
I told her I thought I had found the very thing.
Sat her down at the computer last night to look on the website.
Cannot acess site. Site has a problem.
Sod's Law!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a good session last night.
3 times she came.
Close to the end I feel tired but if I slip the Helix in it gives a boost
and we both go to sleep smiling.
I will try that site again today and see what happens.


  1. Hello Voyager, 🙂

    Nice to read your posts again. You always have a unique look on things. When I have an Aneros session, I try to remember to turn off my phone, and unplug the power from the doorbell before starting. Who says you have to be available at all times? You're allowed to have time to yourself.

    The Feeldoe is something I've also been considering. Let me know how it works if you and your wife get one.

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