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It's been a while since I've logged in here. Had to take some time away to deal with personal issues and life in general.

I continue to practice Aneros sessions. More frequently now than in the last few months. The Progasm is still my Aneros of choice. Every once in while, I'll be curious, and try the MGX or Helix. And they just don't do much for me anymore. I hope it's only temporary. As I do like variety. But the Progasm never fails to make me feel pleasure.

I've started to have more consistent small to medium non-ejaculatory orgasms during sessions. I wouldn't call them super. But I think I'm making progress. I'm always amazed at how the experience changes during the journey.

One thing I've noticed so far, is that the relax and do nothing approach only takes me so far, which is not very far in my mind. Through experimentation, I've discovered that small amounts of penile stimulation helps to get really revved up. But at some point you have to stop doing that or otherwise ejaculate. I've also found that some amount of flexing the PC and anal muscles is very helpful for me. And that I've gotten to points where I'd be clenching both, and have such pleasurable feelings from it that it was almost unbearable, then suddenly both would involuntarily completely relax. And I would then start have some really different yet pleasurable feelings. Kind of orgasmic like, but not really. Makes me wonder if these are the starting point of super-O's.

I've also found that ejaculating on a semi-regular to regular basis can be helpful. As some of my best sessions lately have been when I was either in refraction or not particularly horny. The reason I say this is because the part I said earlier about small amounts of penile stimulation being helpful. It's much easier for the stimulation of my penis during a session to help bring me to orgasm, but not to ejaculate. I'm always amazed when this happens as I get very similar sensations and the my anus muscles do that familiar pulsing that occurs during traditional ejaculatory orgasm.

Mind you, this is all subject to change I'm sure. As I've noticed it has throughout my Aneros journey. But it sure is interesting to make note of what is going on and what is working for right now. But more especially to receive the pleasurable benefits during the course of it. 😀


  1. Welcome back! Sounds as if you are making some decent progress considering your "personal issues and life in general." All of that can certainly get in the way of what we all hope to obtain.

  2. Thank you ohmy06! 🙂

    It's nice to be back and participating here at the Aneros forums again. I think what is really interesting, is earlier in the year I got to a point where I just didn't feel comfortable offering advice on how to obtain pleasure, let alone a super-O from these devices. And I still don't. Because I've recognized that what I thought was the right approach has changed so many times over the last six months, I don't know what the right advice necessarily is to give. So I try to stick to topics I feel sure about. But it sure is neat to observe my progress and watch in wonder as it changes.

  3. Welcome back, it's always good to read your blogs. There are not any right or wrong as this journey is oh so personal. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

  4. Thank you LivingLarge! 🙂

    It's certainly nice to be welcomed back by familiar names in here. I love how supportive the forums and blogs are here. You're definitely correct about no right or wrongs. But it still doesn't make me feel all that comfortable offering advice. Perhaps I need to change my approach to offering possible avenues to get there, rather than being so definite about it. But the whole right and wrong thing reminds me of one of BF Mayfield's sayings… "pleasurable sensations trump all!" Keeping that in mind throws all the right or wrong approach judgments out the door.

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