Dreaming ?

The best session that I have had recently was yesterday.
I had a very pleasureable feeling bouncing back and forwards between
my Prostate and Perinium.
It was not an involuntary as the mgx did not move.
It lasted 20 seconds or so.
That was about it for the session.

About 5 this morning I was having a dream about the woman down the road.
You know what I mean!!!!!

Suddenly it felt as if my Prostate and penis was about to explode.
Boy was that intense.
Just at the point of no return I woke up.

It is the first time that my Prostate has got involved
in what could have been a wet dream.
A good sign or was it just a dream ?

The dream or mental image sounds like the ones involved in the
"5 minutes before a super o " post.

Sweet dreams !

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  1. Voyager, (comment to blog – 4/24/09)

    Saw your post on the forum and I wanted to encourage your consideration of the Progasm. For guys like us (intermediate users, good results but not fast progress, supportive SO’s) the whole aneros dynamic is a little different. I can not use the Progasm every session – and I have yet to use it in a session with the wife – it takes a little longer for prep and really limits my mobility (unlike the Peridise! You just slip one of those little puppies in and you can enjoy a variety of activities for hours!).

    However, it is my best unit for “day after effects” similar to what the forum post described. It’s a great “wake up call” for the prostate if you haven’t tried anything else for a while.

    I believe the Progasm is the unit that has brought about the burst of P-Waves, outside of sessions, I have been experiencing. Whereas I only use Shea Butter for my Helix and Peridise units, I use liquid lube with the Prograsm (currently waiting for more) in addition to the Shea Butter.

    How is the progress coming on getting a Feeldoe? Any more discussions at home about pegging? 😉

    All the best,


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