Learning the Peridise and arousal

So I had another interesting session last night. I was only somewhat aroused. So it wasn't as intense as other sessions have been. What I found, is that I can't get anything out of the Peridise if I am not extremely aroused. I guess you can't really force the issue with these models, as you can to a certain extent with the prostrate massager models. So basically I had to go back and forth between the Progasm and Peridise models. As I got excited and pleasured enough with the Progasm, I'd then switch to the larger of the two Peridise, and get a few mini-O's out of it. Then switch back to the Progasm, when nothing more was happening with the Peridise.

I tried the smaller Peridise again first, but unknowingly at the time, I was not sufficiently aroused for much to happen. So I didn't revisit that model during this session. I'll have to try it again another time when I am really horny. 😀


  1. Hi Love_is-

    Funny you should mention this now as I had a similar experience just today. I kind of forgot about the arousal thing (as you mention, it's not really THAT necessary with the regular Aneros prostate massager models) and went ahead and inserted the smallest Peridise. I wasn't getting much of anything out of the Peridise so I pulled it out and inserted a butt plug to help sensitize my anus / rectum. After 30 or so minutes I removed the plug and put the Peridise back in and all was well with the world once again.

    I gonna’ try the butt plug thing again, or maybe I should do as you and use the Progasm. Starting off a session with the Progasm would be “breaking new ground” for me as I have always started with something smaller.


  2. Hi SlipperyWhenWet, 🙂

    As long as you can relax your anus enough to make the insertion of the Progasm comfortable. Then by all means, start with the Progasm. I actually dislike having to change out toys during a session. So I much prefer to start with my favorite Aneros that works the best (Progasm). And then only swap out if it isn't working for me, or I for some reason want a change.


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