Peridise bliss!

I had a spectacular session tonight! I started with the Progasm and had a few nice mini-O's. But after about 40 minutes I had to stop, as this was the second night in a row of Progasm use. So my prostate was a little sore at this point.

It didn't really want to stop. So I removed the Progasm and inserted the larger of the two Peridise from the advance set. I remembered one user telling me the he used the Peridise on off nights when his prostrate was a bit sensitive from the previous nights use of the Progasm.

Keep in mind this all happens in bed with me laying on my side. I found I didn't get much of any response from just relaxing and doing nothing. But shortly thereafter I learned that very hard voluntary anal contractions gave me the most exquisitely pleasurable feelings which turned into the most amazing mini and dry-O that I've had so far!!! And I was able to have them one after another. I can't count how many I had. I basically kept going until I couldn't make them happen anymore! *huge gigantic grin*

And I never once ejaculated! And it seemed the further I got into the session, the more I desired these new feelings. Rather than the release of ejaculating. Even though I would have to stop for a few minutes between every 2 or 3 orgasm to get my penis to go flaccid as it rubs against the mattress when laying on my side.

The really interesting thing is that some of my more intense orgasms from this Peridise where after I waited for my penis to go flaccid, so it wasn't terribly sensitive and couldn't really rub against the mattress much. And on a few orgasm I found there was a certain way of holding the anal and PC muscles that I was only able to reproduce a few times that sent the levels of pleasure even higher! Yes!

This is a really interesting new toy. I dare say it's on par with my Progasm at this point. I almost think the lack of direct prostrate massaging helps with not allowing me to be as susceptible to ejaculating as with the Progasm. There is some slight prostrate touching that is nice. But it is certainly not the focus of this toy. The thing that I really like is being able to clench my anal muscles hard with no resulting pain. Quite the opposite actually!!! The Progasm feels good to do that to a point, but to hard and ouch! I do miss the wonderful fullness feeling of the girth of the Progasm. But I certainly can't fault the results of the Peridise at this point.

Bravo Aneros on this anal toy design! And unisex too! Can't wait to try it with my next girlfriend! 😉


  1. Hi Love_is,

    Yeah, that Peridise is a real gem. So many Aneros', so little time!

    Your comment about the "magic" anal / PC contraction is exactly what I've noticed. Like kickin' her into overdrive!

    Take care,

  2. Hello SlipperyWhenWet, 🙂

    Yeah, I wish I knew what exactly that "magic" combination was. I've noticed it with the Progasm also. The only specific thing I've really noticed, is that during it, there is a sensation of relaxing the contraction to a certain extent. It's weird. But incredibly pleasurable. I'm sure we will figure it out over time.


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