An update

It has been awhile since my last update. It has also been awhile since what I would call my last 'dry-gasms' (all the sensations of cumming, but without ejaculation) or what I would classify as a 'super-O'. I've had some enjoyable sessions all the same, plus I have found an interesting position that brings good results.

Last night I had my first dream about using the Progasm. What set me off into throes of ecstasy in my dream was hard and fast Kegels (clenching my groin muscles). I then woke up…doing hard and fast Kegels! It didn't develop into anything profoundly pleasurable, but all day I've been looking forward to some alone time. One of my thoughts during my dream was 'so this is the key' so I want to find out if these clenches will have the desired effect.

After reading a bit about the 'slingshot' technique I attempted it but ended up doing something a bit different which was quite fun. Basically I lie on my back, bring up legs and bend my knees with my fee flat on the mattress, then grab my ankles. When the 'leg-gasms' kick in (strong shakes of my leg, which I have quite often if you've seen my clips on xtube) my entire body shudders and in my mind's eye I'm levitating off the mattress. Very pleasurable, but not the Super-O.

One other recent development is that I've removed the K-tab, which has always rubbed me up the wrong way. I just snapped it off and took some sandpaper to the edges. I had one session with it like that and immediately noticed the difference in its mobility. It has more freedom of movement, there is no discomfort and I can sit or lie on my back without it jabbing me. Recommended!

Finally, I've bought a set of nipple clamps. The sensitivity of my nips has increased immensely since I started using the Aneros, and now with the clamps they are growing even larger too. Another recommendation!

Tonight's session should be good. I had that dream which reminded me of the sensations which are possible…my arse has been tingling off and on this afternoon with anticipation…so I'd say I'm primed for some good stuff!

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  1. Great post, redbeard2000.

    Better hope you don't dream you're takin' a piss! (Been there, done that).


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