The cycle of pleasure (Ain't life grand)

Ok so it's been awhile since my first super o and I have observed several things during this journey. The first is that I change over time which Aneros toy is my favorite. I started with the Helix and used that for over 1 year with great sensations but no super o. I then bought a Progasm but it ended up in my drawer for more than 6 months. I was thinking it was to large and to tell the truth I was afraid I might break something (and I'm not talking about the Progasm) so into storage it went. But after all it is the tool that pushed me over the edge. I have purchased the Eupho and this little bugger has really shown me what the Aneros toys are all about. Eupho never fails me. This one gets me so hot and sensitive that no matter what toy I use after it I continue to get orgasm after orgasm. It's the key that opens the door. I always start with Eupho. I hardly touch my Helix any more. Another thing I have notice is that I can go 2 or 3 weeks but then a week will come along where where I seem 5 times more sensitive. My orgasms are super intense for no paticular reason. God I love those weeks!! I can't always tell when this will happen it just does. Relaxation seems to be the key. I had a guest here recently and I knew I had to be quiet so I concentrated on being relaxed. WOW, were the results amazing. The Eupho just took over with a life of it's own. It seemed the more I relaxed the more intense it became. Switching to Progasm continued the intensity build. I really love the Eupho. It is my toy of choice. I have also messed with e-stim. I have found e-stim at the end of a session can prolong the session. In my opinion e-stim should be used at very low levels, almost so you can't even feel it. I like to place a pad on my perineum right where my prostate is and the other pad behind one knee. This gives me pumping orgasms with no ejaculate. I like very low power. High power can make me cum but it's not a intimate as the Aneros toy alone. For some reason I feel better not using high power. This has been alot of fun. Believe it or not the intensity keeps getting better and better. My sessions seem to be getting shorter though. I now go over the edge faster but everything seems much more intense. My longest sessions have been about 1 hour lately. I do not complain, I am more satisfied and I seem to be having more WOW sessions. For those who haven't had great results try a Eupho and plenty of lube. LivingLarge (in my own small world)


  1. Hi LL,

    Except for my shorter timetable what you’ve written almost completely mirrors my own experiences. The Helix, my first Aneros, was a jewel at getting the involuntaries and the limb shakes going, but didn’t go much further than that. My next Aneros, the Progasm, didn’t do anything for me so I relegated it to the back of the drawer. Then I got the Eupho… man, that thing was incredible, it really hit my prostate’s “on button” dead center. And just as you, the Progasm now works great for me… IF I first warm up with the Eupho.

    And same thing with the session length, now they’re somewhat shorter but more intense. Who’d a thunk a little chunk of plastic could generate such incredible feelings?


  2. I love Eupho. I highly recommend using several different models. It's interesting that your experience is similar. Also, after all the time it took for me to get to this place it always surprises me how easy it is now. It just becomes so familiar. I used to have sessions of 2 hours or more. I just couldn't take that now. It's just to intense and it would zap so much energy I wouldn't be able to function for the rest of the day. Thanks for the reply SWW

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