First O's

Yesterday night I had a big breakthrough in my experience level. I did a little marathon on my own with a bit of everything, 4 hours total, result, a lot of enjoyable p-waves, getting stronger and stronger as the night progressed, the night strangely culminated in a two super-Os back to back (or at least I thought thats what they were, if that wosent one, I cant wait).

What I did.

– My typical preparation (shower/enema/lube)
– Put on the helix had a bit of weed and put on the hynaerosession
– I experimented with having growing feelings expanding through my body rising from the contractions below, sometimes I was trying with the holding the contraction and sometimes playing on letting the aneros take control and just being a witness to the sensations arising. Bodyshivers, P-waves that went through me constantly getting bigger and bigger. What I was doing different than other sessions was more relaxation, doing cycles of squeezes or passive aneros movements interlaced with little periods of just feeling the pleasure waves. I climed three mountains of pleasure through this method.
– Took out the helix and watched some porn while masturbating myself slowly. Went to the edge a few times and put the brakes with contactions. After having done countless contractions these last weeks with aneros this method that I had previously used seemed infinitely more easy as well as pleasurable. I didnt have to tens up all my body to ensure stopping the ejaculation, just maintained a focus block while enjoying shivers throughout my body.
– Lubed up and went for the Progasm, had a bit of weed and plugged the hypnoaerosession disk2 and relaxed for a while. Same thing climbed three big rises in a similar fasion as with the helix, experimenting with letting myself be taken over rather than trying to force the waves so much.
– Took out the Progasms, and went back to Porn and stimulation as before squeezing the PC's in order to not ejaculate.
– Last round, peridise. I went gradually through little mountains and valleys, feeling more and more energy present in my body. Rising without any rush, two steps forward one step back, climbing and climbing. I was almost falling asleep when a big wave of energy washed my whole body, I was paralyzed, couldnt move a muscle… like a sea o energy/pleasure, I was stunned for a few minutes, I opened my mouth and emited some sexual noises to accompany the experience, turn to one side huged a big long pillow and went through it.
– When I got up my legs were moderately shaking. 4 hours had gone by. Mistress aneros had shown me her tounge, but also her teeth. I could spend days on end building and building the excitement and pleasure.