The R word

So last night was the first recent session that I seriously attempted and approached the technique of laying on my back, knees bent, legs spread, breath, and relax. Yes, the dirty "R" word that those of us who have not achieved super orgasm tend to have a love/hate relationship with. LOL I first heard it from "slipperybugger" the other day, and it made me chuckle, as I pondered the appropriateness of it's use.

I'm doing this because of my recent disappointing revelation that for many months now all I've been doing within my sessions is hands free edging. This happened because I've been laying on my side, and my penis ends up rubbing against the bed, even if ever slightly at times. It was very pleasurable, and probably helped in waking up my prostrate. As the times when I ended up ejaculating, I learned how incredibly pleasurable Aneros assisted super-T orgasms are. To the point, where just plain regular masturbation wasn't all that desirable anymore.

So I went into this session pretty bummed, and with rather low expectations as I knew that it would be un-realistic of me to expect much pleasure initially. Especially as compared to what I had been previously doing with hands free edging.

The interesting thing is that over time I have learned the difference between sexual excitement in my penis, and sexual excitement in my prostate. Two very different things. And I find it so interesting that when my prostate is excited, there is almost no interest or focus of pleasure and excite in my penis unless I happen to touch myself there.

So last night I started by sitting at my computer looking at porn to get me excited. And thankfully I had quite an easy time doing so. My prostate become very excited as I focused on it's sensations and it was quite pleasurable just to feel those feelings. I dare say I had as much pleasure from doing this as my session.

When I actually started my Aneros session I was already quite excited. And it went very well. I believe that I have now finally experienced real involuntary anal contractions. I did this through making it a point to relax and not allow the hard sort of anal and abdominal "spasms" contractions that my body would do when the pleasure would get unbearable. As I did this, I would notice that just my anal muscles would be lightly contracting every few seconds on their own. It was a totally different feeling than what I was used to. But very nice, in the sense that I did not have to control them or consciously do it myself.

I've been contemplating this approach of relaxing even these hard muscle spasms, which for quite some time I thought was involuntary anal contractions. "Slipperybugger" thankfully nailed the concept home to me by sending me the following. (Thanks again slipperybugger! 😀 )

"I discovered a post by Pan on the KSMO forum where he indicated the spasmodic contraction of large muscles is actually detrimental to our progress. His reasoning is that the body is trying to rid itself of the built up sexual energy and this is one mechanism it uses. By relaxing through this urge to convulse, we can retain our sexual energy and keep it building until the only way out is through an orgasm. And since relaxing involves the mental component, I agree that this is where we need to focus our efforts."

So now I am at the point where I finally believe that there is something to this just relax, do nothing for the most part, and absolutely make sure there is nothing touching your penis during the session approach. The prostate sensations and excitement is a whole different thing than any penile centered pleasure. And it requires a different approach than the straining and striving and huffing and puffing to have an ejaculatory orgasm. Which I've been previously doing with hard conscious contractions of both anal and PC muscle groups.

I believe a new path on my journey has opened up. And I'm excited to see where it leads. 😀


  1. Hi Love_is,

    I'll second LL's "great post" comment.

    You wrote you "do nothing for the most part"…could you elaborate a little? I ask because if I do absolutely nothing absolutely nothing happens. But if I hold a gentle PC / anal contraction for 10 to 15 minutes (doing nothing but a simple contraction) the fireworks start.


  2. I really don't do any contractions that I'm aware of so far. The only thing I've played around with, is tilting the angle of my hips. If I arch my back the Progasm P tab seems to push a little more into me which feels good.

    Primarily I'm focusing on trying to completely relax my anus muscles mostly and then the rest of my body. While at the same time I try to imagine the most erotic fantasy I can think of to get my as excited as possible. On top of that I will mix in some nipple play and light gentle touching of the perineum area, scrotum, inner thighs… ah hell… anywhere that feels good that is not my penis. LOL


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