BIG breakthrough

More aneros practice.

These days have been an awakening for me. I can feel energy tingling through my body and have afterglow effects if Ive had a good session of aneros.

Im getting sore at this point and Im going to give myself a bit of a break. I have lube problems too. Im ordering some new varieties ASAP so I can go back to my training. Its hard not to continue on practicing, everyday I go at it I reach something new. Now its not only about pleasure, its about training. In some sessions Im not even worried about what I achieve in that session but rather I playing with the orgasm and seeing its qualities rather than trying to make it explode. Im not dying for the orgsm to happen, I build it up and even tease my body to see how that alters the feeling. I make some squeezes voluntarily and let the pleasure accumulate, I practice with light contraction, when I feel Im almost there, I relax and chillout for a bit and then go back to it…

This was not obvious for me at the begining but there are a lot of muscles down there that we can call upon not just pc and sphicter muscles. I thought there was only two movements, and even these two seem to be a combination of other ones. Im specially referring to the muscle in the rectum; pulling in, rocking, squeezing…

Im in a constant altered state of mind:
– Aparently slow, stoned and unfocused, but at the same time…
– Im rarely sleepy, dont get really tired
– Im very creative and expressive when I want to, have better access to my emotions (I can see into them)
– Just strange
– A bit disociated and not to worried about anything

Ive had a few breackthroughs with my normal orgasms, Im at the point right now that when masturbating myself I can take a build up and spread it through my body. In the moments when Im about to orgasm, I start slowly squeezing my asshole and a bit of the pc muscles to and slowly start to invoque the orgasmic sensations, I then get to the point of no return and then squeeze the pc muscles enough to garantee no fluid is coming up and I let the orgasm flow upwards with shakes and tingling sensations. It seems that now when Im able to decide how I want to have the orgasm, through ejaculation or having an internal orgasm like the ones Ive learned to have with aneros.

And these orgasms are quite satisfying too, when I go through cycles of 3-8 of them I get a window that lets me stop the session with no urge to ejaculate. Through these dry orgasms I manage to build and build the excitement, but after each one there is a period of restimulation and each time its harder to go into the zone with good harness, but when I do get there I have more energy pumping through my hole body.

I have to say that I had practice this type of tantric orgasm technique that I learned in Margo Wood's book (which I strongly recomend). But never did I feel a real orgasm this way, not the pleasure with which Im feeling them now anyway. And the training in pelvic floor muscles that Ive had these days, specially in awareness more than in strengthening, has enabled this technique to be more effortless. Where as before I would clench my whole body, now I just hold a nice powerful and confident squeeze and allow myslef to enjoy the orgasm while caresing myself and my penis.

Im going to soon start a blog where Im going to copy and paste my first blog here's and I'll post on there my progress if anyone wants to follow it. I will keep posting and continue my investigation in the aneros website. There is loads of information hidden in the posts and in the blogs. An entire book could be written really.

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  1. Interesting post. I enjoy reading and relating to myself. I find this more effortless than earlier attempts also. Just relax and let it go where it goes with no expectations. The more you relax the more it takes over.

    "Im in a constant altered state of mind: – Aparently slow, stoned and unfocused"

    I just love this feeling!!!!!! LL

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