It's nipple time!

So I had another session today. And am very likely to have another if my prostate keeps making these pleasurable sensations as I sit here typing. So I've had two sessions so far of the relax and do nothing approach. And previous to this, my nipples gradually became sensitive to being touched over the course of a few months. They never used to be sensitive at all.

But since todays session, they've become even more sensitive. And they now also become incredibly erect, which is exciting in itself!!! It is almost hard to believe! But I like it a lot!!! 😀 My favorite technique so far, is a thumb lightly pressing on top of each one and rotating them gently. It seems lighter more subtle manipulation takes the pleasure a lot further. Is this what the women I've dated have been trying to tell me all these years about not trying to "tune in Tokyo" on their nipples? LOL Or using a very light touch on their clitoris. I joke, but I suspect it's true. I guess like anything in my life, I have to experience it personally to learn the lesson.

I've also started getting leg shakes/trembles during the session. In addition, I've noticed with todays session that I unknowingly made what I considered to be a heck of a lot of pre-cum. It's hard to tell though if it is more than usual. Because normally when I used to lay on my side, any pre-cum produced would get soaked up by the towel I lay over the bed. But I thought it was worth mentioning, as I couldn't believe how much was there. The crease where my leg meets my pubic area was drenched! LOL

As of todays session I'm starting to get that circling the drain feeling that other users here have talked about that haven't quite reached super-O's yet. I tried to keep going with the session to see if I could get past this. But no luck. I guess that's why they call it the circling the drain feeling. 😛 LOL

Oh well… no expectations, right?


  1. Another great post, Love_is!

    "Tune in Tokyo", very funny, but also contains a kernel of truth for most of us males.

    Aren't nipples great? I've had sensitive nips for as long as I can remember. Over the past few months I've been using suction on them via various commerical and home made devices. Tell ya' what, a gentle suction for a couple of hours really amps up their sensitivity! I love the connection between my nipples and my prostate / anus. Each gentle "tweak" of the nipples is followed by an involuntary anal contraction one to two seconds later. What a cool feeling!


  2. Thanks SlipperyWhenWet! 🙂

    Yeah, us males are typically much rougher on our own anatomy. It's a good lesson for us to learn subtle and gentle touching if you like being with the ladies.

    I never thought of using suction on nippples. I'm just barely getting into tweaking them manually. Perhaps further down the road that might be something to look into. Although personally, I'm less inclined to use devices that I can get mostly similar results with my hands. Hence, I don't care for masturbation devices like the fleshlight.


  3. Absolutely great!! ROTFLOL! Thot I was the only clutz in the nipple department. I know where you're coming from. I'm about 3 sessions short of getting my nipple lessons.


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