Expectations of pleasure?

So the last couple sessions I've had, I ended up having an Aneros assisted super-T at the end of each one. And it made me realize for those of us that have not achieved super-O's yet, how difficult it can be at times to resist the urge to have an ejaculatory orgasm during an Aneros session.

It makes me ponder if this boils down to once again expectations of the session, or just plain over horniness. The sessions I'm having now feel fantastic, but I haven't been able to cross the super-O line yet. It's early on in this new approach, so I'm not complaining by any means. But I recognize how frustrating it is for the pleasure not to peak into orgasm. It's like it is just a constant sexual tease, and no relief. I get the feeling that getting aroused prior to the session perhaps works against me in the sense that maybe it sets up expectations of sexual orgasm relief. Which for now only occurs with ejaculation. I may have to try a few sessions that don't involve any prior arousal.

I don't know…
I may just be rambling… 😛


  1. Hi Love_is,

    I’m really curious as to what you think (expect) the super-O to be in comparison to a traditional penile orgasm. Or to put it another way, what do you think the differences are between the traditional Aneros-less penile orgasm (the kind we have when masturbating or having sex) and an Aneros generated orgasm?


  2. Hi SlipperyWhenWet, 🙂

    Well from what I've read here in the forum, the differences are that there is no refractory period after orgasm. So you can continue to have multiple orgasms, and they tend to be much more intense from what I understand.

    I think that where I am at progress-wise in my sessions, is that I often feel teased. Like it is very pleasurable, and I feel excited and aroused, but it has yet to peak like a traditional ejaculatory orgasm. So when I end the session without ejaculating, I don't often feel sexually satisfied. More frustrated that I'm extremely horny, and not supposed to ejaculate. LOL Blah! It's a catch 22 I guess. But I'm giving it a chance to work. I'm at four days of no ejaculation so far. And it doesn't seem to take much to get me excited at this point. Is that the wind blowing, or is it just me? LOL


  3. Hi Love_is,

    Maybe you’re already having super-O’s (or at the minimum beginner super-O’s) but don’t realize it because you’re expecting something else? I only mention it because that was the case with me. Here are a couple of the things that convinced me that I was actually having super-O’s:

    1. I had experienced or was experiencing about 90% of the things listed in the wiki’s definition of the super-O. (Note the wiki uses the word “may involve”).
    2. No doubt you’ve seen this thread, but just in case you haven’t…

    Anyway, maybe this will help…or maybe not.


  4. Hello again SlipperyWhenWet, 🙂

    That's certainly possible. I won't rule it out. Thank you for posting the link to that thread. I have read that one before, and it was good to read it again. The things is that not everyones experience of super-O's seems to be the same or consistent. Even if there is no release, or sense of feeling sexually satisfied, which I don't buy into. I don't feel that I have anywhere near maxed out the amount of pleasure that I feel within a session. There's still further to go. March on! 😀


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