next movement

I havent got a clue!!! Its certainly one of the sports in sexuality for me. Just staying on the edge of the cliff with slowmotion carresses, savouring the intensity of the sensation. Sometimes whenever Im at that point I focus on how much I deeply crave my fantasy or object of desire… That sensation I have tried to carry it on to aneros session, where there is no more feeling involved but I have lived the sensation of wanting to cum so bad.

Again, I dont know if it really helps, but its one of the intensity building tools, depends on what you want the intensity for of course. Masturbation wouldnt be the same without it for me. I say masturbation because I happen to be single, and Im a happy sexually satisfied single!!! I dont need anyone. If there is someone who I really want to share intimacy with and they with me thats fine. But Im not chasing booty for the sake of it. I dont need anyone to be happy. If I find someone I'll share my happyness. Mmmm this week I might be going out with good friend of mine. I can imagine just having orgasms just by hugging her.

BTW: Ive had a few p-waves and one O just sitting down and remembering my experience yesterday.