peridise has arrived

MMMM… recieved the peredise today morning in the mail

I bought the advanced model thinking that I was going to want the advanced model anyways and because I couldnt be bothered buying all 4.

I downloaded the the hynoaerosession yesterday too.

Im going for the whole pack here.

Had a session with peridise and hypno a while ago. The experience was quite nice, I really liking it. I dont think its perfect but its well worth it. Musics good (too good music sometimes distracts me), sexy voice, ocasional woman humming in pleasure (nice nice nice inspires me to do the same), the constant reminders are golden.

I fell asleep for a minute or ten just to wake up to a sexy voice ordering me to carress myself and slowly start making contractions mmmmmm yes mistress.

Did some of the reading rumel sent me on his PM (thankyou for that).

During the session, I was almost there a few times, and thanks to the hypnoaneros I followed through with the rule of not touching my cock, it was a turn on actually. I ended the session no problem and relaxed for 5 minutes and went back to studying.

Misteress Aneros is calling me, she is possessive… My plans for now are to enjoy my little honeymoon with her and then skip back a bit and just do it a few times a week.

Nice mirror tip darwin. No women around now in my life and there will probably not be there for a few months. I had a big break not to long ago and loving myself I found is a department I was lacking. In the past self pleasuring only involved my cock and porn, and it seems a bit selfish looking back. Love others through yourself. Already I find myself being more loving to other people.

It was unthinkable a month ago that this little toy would spice up the relationship with myself to these depths. This little toy is just a tool, its all a mental thing and the forum is really helping me.

Big thankyou for the guys taking the effort to help others out. A forum for a begginer can be too much information. Having experienced user point out the valuable topics is golden.

Bought the hypnaerosession to give support with out really looking if it would suit me. As Ive described before, Im loving it and 25$ is nothing.

A few tips for expanding the sessions
– A dirtier version
– A male voice
– Other female voices reading the script / or different variations of it anyway
– People could buy their initial session at one price and only pay a little plus to get variations on it (like 25$ initial price and then 10$ each new flavour of session)
– The session could be seen as a way to support and develop the forum

The session is very good anyway, it reminds me a bit of p. scheele

I have a question though… are stereo headphones at all necessary? (what type of brain entertainment is used)