After an initial success with the aneros and taking some time off Im back with mistress aneros. I bought myself eupho and probe lubricant which I saw a lot of recomedations for mmmm cant wait to try it all out.

I havent had a lot of progress lately with mind blowing orgasms, rather the contratry, the peak moments are backing up a little bit. But Im extremly happy with the discovery of this world of orgasm (slowly doing KSMO too). One thing that surprised me the other day is that I got turned on and started slowly manualy pulling peridise in and out and to my surprise got a very short but very strong orgasm, like a hammer. There are orgasms all over the body waiting to be unlocked.

My experience is being more internal.
– Im four days into a ejaculatory fasting, and doing some traditional tantric (pc squeeze) here and there, and the aneros. The energy inside of my seems to be building up.
– My state of mind is becoming plesant. My emotions are starting to unwind themselves. Im having a natural high all day, mellow but present.
– Orgasmic waves (or whatever you want to call them) are coming and going through my body all day.
– I definitely have feelings of Kundalini awakening. Ive had them before by accident but through this practice and training I seem to be able to take hold of the process and am able to play and build up the energies of the body
– Im generally more at ease with myself and my libido and erections have incresed (I have a bit of ed and low libido btw)
– Things seem new. Im becoming more playful and loving with people. Going back to being a younger more inocent and vulnerable me.
– Its easier and more natural not to judge things and not to criticise and feel jealousy towards others.
– A lot of these sensations are sublte but present non the less


  1. I'm going to have to try manually operating the Peridise like you did to see what that is like. Thanks for the idea! 🙂


  2. I havent been able to replicate this experience really… hum but in any case its always in my head, when Im turned on I still manually explore the toys hre and there.

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