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I really like Probe lube. As a prep I have found it also good to clean out your colon. My first thing I do is to flush out with warm water. (not hot) I use an ear wax bulb but I am sure there are better devices but this works for me. I have found this to be one of the most important things to do. Not only does it clean you out but add some moisture. Moisture when mixed with Probe = slippery. I usually add about 6 to 8 CM of Probe after that using a medicine dropper you can get for free at Walgreens Pharmacy. I also find I have better results when sexual fasting for maybe 1 extra day. My favorite position is lying on my back. I do no contractions whatsoever. My prostate seems to clamp around the Aneros and I just lay there focusing on that feeling and things seem to get going with no effort. The Aneros seems to get drawn in on its own but I think it’s my prostate reacting to the slight pressure being applied to it. It requires great patience at first, before you experience your first prostate orgasm but once you understand how things go the "ride" getting there is half the fun. I know now where I am going so I just enjoy the total ride. The road becomes well traveled and familiar. I know I AM going to get there. Before your first prostate orgasm you want to make it happen which doesn't work. I enjoy Eupho. I don't know what it is about that one. It was the third one I purchased. I had already had my first prostate orgasm but for some reason the Eupho hits my sweet spot and opens the door to many WILD rides. I would never have believed that each device yields different feelings. I am a huge advocate of using several models during a session. It’s what pushed me over the edge. I guess the bottom line here is to prep…and plenty of lube. Make sure you have some alone time and don’t try too hard. I have never had a prostate orgasm while walking or sitting in a chair or any way else other than lying down. It does yield some good feelings though. Also anything that obstructs the movement of the Aneros (such as sitting in a chair) hasn’t worked for me. Good luck to all who haven’t experienced a prostate orgasm. This has added a wonderful new dimension to my sex life. Remember: Enjoy the ride!! AIN’T LIFE GRAND


  1. I just wanted to add: Just finished up with Eupho. I have been finding mornings an excellent time. I wanted to make a comment about session after effects. Super-o's put you in a state of inner calm at times. In other words, it's crazy intense but you are just an observer. It's an incredibly high moment. I absolutely love it. This feeling comes when your at the most intense point. So now afterwards, that feeling lingers. It's a great peace and relaxation.

  2. I've experienced exactly what you're talking about, LL. At the most intense points of my last session I was deep "within the zone", totally in my own inner world. Incredible!


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