Blowing hot and cold

I mentioned in a previous blog about the wife wanting a toy
and my efforts to find one and get her interested.

She is astute enough to combine this with something she has always wanted so some horse trading was done with an air con unit.
A Feeldoe was duly ordered.

There was a strange occurence one night.
I had a few drinks and was feeling a bit adventerous.
I lubed up my thumb and started playing with her back door.
Entrance was granted to my digit.
She seemed to enjoy that but I did not push my luck.

When she came back from the bathroom I lay on my side
and said it was her turn.
Boy did I get a surprise.
She lubed up a finger and entered me.
What a fantastic feeling that was.
She moved around inside for a few minutes.
The feelings continued for a few minutes after removal.

So needless to say I could not wait the arrival of the Feeldoe.

I decided to include this in my blog even if it is
sort of off the main subject, a diversion on the journey so to speak.

The Feeldoe arrived and we both got a shock. That mother was huge.
I wanted to order the Slim but she insisted on the Classic.
I was thinking what the hell am I going to do with this.
We ordered the vibrating one and that turned out to be a good decision.

The first time we tried it, it did sting on entry but I learned to breath
right, also plenty of lube.
I will treat the wifes back door with a bit more respect in future.

We find it easier to insert in me first, then she gets in the saddle berore going for a gallop.
She has strong muscles inside and it is no problem for her to retain it.

We have used it quite a few times and I am getting more comfortable
being face down.
The last session was the best yet, I very nearly came.
That felt good.
She came and said it was very good for her.

I will write another entry about mt Aneros experiences when I have some time.


  1. Voyager,

    Awesome story. Congratulations on achieving real world success with bringing to life fantasy’s many of us can only dream of.

    I am curious whether you would go back to the Feel Doe slim size if you had the chance or are completely satisfied with the “regular” sized one?

    You may inspire me to embark on another adventure yet…


  2. Hi Voyager, 🙂

    Thank you so much for posting your experience of the Feeldoe. I'm very envious! Much like J4's question, I'm also curious of your impressions of the dimensions. Do you think the classic model is long enough? Meaning, is it long enough to properly stimulate your prostate. And, is it still comfortable and pleasurable on full insertion in you with your wife pushing up/grinding against you. I ask because I've read in various places on the internet, that some couples think the classic model is not long enough. Although this may be more of an issue with couples that are over weight, thus having more flesh in the way. And could depend on what position they are in. Hence, I've been considering the "more" model.

    Have your wife and you tried it missionary position with her on top yet? I would think that the upward curved head would be in a better position to rub against the prostate than in doggie position.

    That's cool that she has no problem retaining it. And that she was able to orgasm from it also. I wonder how individual it is to the women that use a Feeldoe on the pony end to be able to retain it well throughout vigorous use and natural vaginal lubrication? I know in the various pegging forums I've read, that most women recommend a harness, as it can become difficult to hold in during play, if it is being used more than just gently.

    And very cool that you almost came!!! Yeah!!! 😀
    Maybe with a bit more practice she will send you over the top! Weeeeeeeee! LOL


  3. WOW Voyager!

    An inspiration to us all. I think we may be ready for this adventure too! Thanks for your story.

    all the best to you both


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