11 month anniversary (updated 6/22)

Nothing new or super – but I have retained a heightened prostate feeling since the last full moon. I'm able to feel the 'tension' whenever I choose to focus on it – lurking and pulsing around.

Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote the day after the Full Moon: I had a fantastic session. The best of the month. The fun part is that I have established an evening session during Full Moons with my SO and it turns out she really delights in making me jump around for a half hour or so. It’s during couple time that I can see the effects of rewiring first hand: The 20 fold increase in overall body sensitivity, the way her touches set me off uncontrollably, the evident body reactions and consequent struggle to relax, the altered breathing patterns, the amplified ‘wow factor’ of traditional orgasms – she can totally feel what’s going on and gets off on it too.

A new (Anerosless) contraction exercise is fun but yielding no new feelings. I do it because I think it maintains a certain level of prostate excitement. It goes like this: There is a muscle, seemingly right next to the prostate that I can contract rhythmically and quickly. Sort of as fast you can say “num, num, num, num”. What particular muscle this is, I haven’t a clue. But I can keep going for a while and it is fun to do in airplanes or driving around in cars and when lying down or smoking cigars (I feel a little haiku coming on!). And then you relax completely. And then you do it again. Sometimes, after the ‘relax completely’ phase, I get a couple of involuntary contractions.

As with this entire process, it seems that for me, I just have to keep ramping up the arousal, with as little ‘release’ as possible, until, at some distant, undetermined point, the sensations will overload my pleasure circuitry and cascade into never ending orgasmic pandemonium. Why some people’s overloads are set so low and some peoples so high is a riddle of genetic proportions. Go nurture or nature that!



  1. Good news and great post J4!

    Pursue the haiku too…

    Your prostate num nums are, I think, similar to the muscle memory training I did 'polishing the knob" to develop a similar skill. I suspect it is the rectal muscle wall adjacent to your prostate through which the aneros or fingers transmit sensation to the prostate.

    Unfortunately we missed the last meeting of the Full Moon Club, but great to hear of your great couple time advances!

    all the best to you both


  2. Hey J4,
    Have you checked to see how the significant Hadron milestones align with the phases of the moon?

    Tks again for the clue on gastric symptoms from water based lubes. Apparently I share SWW's sensitivity to glycols & glycerin. Was going through major IBS cycles and those appear to be on the wane. Mama and I now have a lifetime supply of ID-Glide.

  3. Rectal muscle wall? Part of the PC muscle? Or both? I've sat in my office chair working that muscle as well. It almost feels like I'm pushing something forward towards my prostate (sounds like the rectal wall). Try this next time you urinate. Exercise that muscle and see how it affects your urine flow. For me it did slow, but didn't stop it. Almost like I'm either using the PC muscle differently, in a different direction, or perhaps the rectal wall is simply applying pressure to the prostate/Urethra. Who knows?

    Happy trails,

  4. Does anybody read the reader comments after the post has moved on?

    Rather than make a completely different Blog entry I will make the following comments this way:

    Newbie 2009: There is little information on the web for the new LHC milestones. All I could get was due to ongoing repairs, no attempts will be made to energize the particle accelerators until September at the earliest. Very hush hush over there in Cern.

    MartyB and Artform: Whatever muscle the “num’s num’s” correlate to is working. After a year of toning up the pelvic area muscle groups I think I’m getting some very interesting sensations. Over the last week since I posted about the num num’s they have started generating decidedly pleasurable feelings. I seem to be able to manipulate this muscle during sexual stimulation to kind of double the fun as it were with an internal as well as external massage. So after reaching a full blown traditional orgasm in this way actually led to my prostate retaining part of that orgasmic energy – so when I started num numming again shortly after orgasm, the prostate immediately echoed back that prostatic good feeling.

    This has been my first inkling of the separation of orgasm and ejaculation. During these after sex num num’s to massage the prostate it still “remembered” the orgasmic feeling and was humming quit nicely in response to the massaging while the rest of my sexual system was in refraction. Very interesting.

    And pretty much spot on with the summer solstice. This has been a very good lunar cycle for me so far. Wasn’t’ the rest of the world participating in some sort of international orgasm day? I will be curious if this really is nice plateau jump or just another interesting side road in The Journey.


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